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Impact of Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transits of 2023 on the 12 signs
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In this article, I discuss the impact of Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transits of 2023 on the 12 signs. Please read this article before proceeding to read about the impact on the individual rasis. Further, it is extremely important to note … Read More

Important Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transits of 2023
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There are some major changes happening in 2023 in the astronomical weather. I cover some of that content in this post. Disclaimer First things first, I want to clear some of the facts on how you can use this transit … Read More

The 2020 roller-coaster ride: Jupiter and Saturn in Tropical Capricorn!
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Predicting the big stock market crash/recession at the start of a new decade (5 years in the making) Since Rahu and Jupiter were transiting in tropical Virgo (year 2015-16), the interest to predict the next big stock market crash was … Read More

A new insight into Venus: A Brahman who turned into a Kshatriya!
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In this post, I discuss the special quality of Venus in astrology. I illustrate this by taking two examples of characters from Vedic mythology – Parashurama and Bhima. To understand Venus much better we have to first look into the … Read More

Birth time rectification examples part 2 – Interview with Carmina Amza
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In this video, I discuss more examples of birth time rectification.

Astrological analysis of Avicii’s death – another entry of a famous person to the 27 club
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In this post, I do a brief astrological analysis of Avicii’s death, a famous world class DJ. I also share some of my latest thoughts on different techniques in astrology such as avasthas, tricks in birth time rectification using the … Read More


AC, Germany
On career and child-birth predictive reading
December 18, 2022

"Dear Ganesh,

I hope you are doing well.

You did a reading for me two years ago and I have been thinking about getting in touch with you and confirming some of your predictions :).

You predicted that I'd have a child in 2023 and indeed I had healthy baby boy at the end of August.

You also predicted that I might move or have the opportunity to move abroad in 2021. I interviewed for a job in Ireland, which I was offered, but decided to decline the offer as the cost of living in Ireland was too high and I was planning on having a baby soon and going on maternity leave.

Your reading helped me very much indeed and really cemented my desire to keep studying. More than the predictions, your counseling on the Lajitaadi Avasthas helped.

Anyway, I hope you're doing well.

All the best,"

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