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Birth time rectification examples part 2 – Interview with Carmina Amza
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In this video, I discuss more examples of birth time rectification.  

Astrological analysis of Avicii’s death – another entry of a famous person to the 27 club
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In this post, I do a brief astrological analysis of Avicii’s death, a famous world class DJ. I also share some of my latest thoughts on different techniques in astrology such as avasthas, tricks in birth time rectification using the … Read More

Birth time rectification examples – Interview with Carmina Amza
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In this video, I show multiple techniques to rectify a birth chart using the events supplied by a client.    

Predicting Cancer disease using Jaimini techniques
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Last year (2017), I was invited to submit a paper to a medical astrology conference in India. Due to the busy schedule of my professional scientific life, I was unable to attend the conference but managed to submit the paper. … Read More


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AU, Finland

"I have now listened the reading. It put me in a very deep process now. The reading was not an easy one but very truthful (and painful). There were many things and behaviour patterns which I immediately recognized in my life.

I am very happy that you have helped me so much and that you gave me such a reading in detail. The reading helped me to go through this week in a quite new way. I was just wondering just how awful it would have been without it.


April 2, 2018

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