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The 2020 roller-coaster ride: Jupiter and Saturn in Tropical Capricorn!
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Predicting the big stock market crash/recession at the start of a new decade (5 years in the making) Since Rahu and Jupiter were transiting in tropical Virgo (year 2015-16), the interest to predict the next big stock market crash was … Read More

A new insight into Venus: A Brahman who turned into a Kshatriya!
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In this post, I discuss the special quality of Venus in astrology. I illustrate this by taking two examples of characters from Vedic mythology – Parashurama and Bhima. To understand Venus much better we have to first look into the … Read More

Birth time rectification examples part 2 – Interview with Carmina Amza
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In this video, I discuss more examples of birth time rectification.

Astrological analysis of Avicii’s death – another entry of a famous person to the 27 club
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In this post, I do a brief astrological analysis of Avicii’s death, a famous world class DJ. I also share some of my latest thoughts on different techniques in astrology such as avasthas, tricks in birth time rectification using the … Read More

Birth time rectification examples – Interview with Carmina Amza
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In this video, I show multiple techniques to rectify a birth chart using the events supplied by a client.


On astro-psychological counselling and predictive reading
May 29, 2020

"Dear Ganesh,

Your readings and advice were very helpful (in many ways!!), and I am very grateful for it. Your analysis of carrying pride was correct, I've always found myself being proud of my family ancestry and my social ideals. I agree that sometimes that might come across as arrogant or impolite since it may be projected in a unhealthy way and I need to be conscious of that, control it, and transcend the whole 'validation of masculinity' thing. I've never been the sort to pick fights, but exerting exuberant energy, yes, I've learnt that I definitely need to be conscious of that and control it, channeling/directing the energy in a meaningful way towards pursuing a goal.

You mentioned consciously working on Mars - that immediately resonated with me and has been on my mind for quite some time - I struggle with consistency. I've found, as I look back, that my life felt a lot more fulfilled during times when I had a solid physical routine and clear cut single minded goals to work towards in other areas of my life - I've just discovered that my most prominent of those memories fall under my Venus/Mars dasha (21/01/14 - 22/03/15) and to a lesser extent early years of the Venus/Rahu Dasha (23/03/2015 - 22/03/2018) which were particularly distinguished in this regard, I find that this period pretty much experientially gave me the blueprint that I need to execute to lead a healthy and balanced life. "

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