Intuitive reading

In many ways, the intuitive reading is the best of all readings a client can receive because you will hear only answers to those questions that you are meant to hear. This reading is totally based on my intuition. In my opinion, the best astrologers are those who know what to discuss with the client without even the client having to ask for it. So in this reading, you are not asking any questions but instead allow me to talk about your birth chart. I will talk about the first thing that comes to my mind when I look into your chart and will take it with the flow. In other words, there is no order or structure to the topics that I will touch in this reading related to your chart. I will only focus on those that I think are important for you to know at that point in time.

Duration – 1 hr  [Recommended only to returning clients]     
Duration – 75 min [Recommended only to returning clients]
Duration – 90 min            [Recommended to new and returning clients] 
Duration – 2 hr                  [Recommended to new and returning clients]