Character reading

This is the first reading I would recommend a potential client to start with. In this reading, all the factors that constitute your personality will be revealed which may even give you surprises about your own psychology. This reading is one of my favorites, as it tends to answer most of the problems a native may have in their life due to their personal make-up. This reading will reveal your strengths and weakness arising from the contributions of seven embodied planets. At the end of this reading, you will also receive counseling in regard to the changes you have to make to improve circumstances in life. A gemstone may also be recommended in some cases.

Duration – 45 to 60 mins     

Rahu and Ketu reading

Rahu and Ketu are the north and south nodes of the moon respectively. They are Chaya (shadow) planets. It is Rahu and Ketu that are responsible for the occurrence of eclipses. Rahu and Ketu’s placement in the birth chart reveal volumes of information about a native’s subconscious tendencies. It is Rahu that is the cause of us taking birth on this planet. Ketu’s placement reveals those areas of life that you have developed in past lifetimes. In order to figure out the reason for your birth as a result of Rahu’s position in the chart, this reading is suitable for you. Sometimes past life tendencies may serve as hindrances in fully realizing the desires of this birth. This reading is a must for anyone interested understanding such tendencies and useful for those keen on making psychological changes in their life. In my opinion, if this reading is clubbed with the character reading, the client will have wealth of information to begin with, that it is more than sufficient to make the necessary changes in life. The entire act of life is to understand Rahu and Ketu’s position in the chart and addressing those positions in a healthy manner. I highly recommend this reading to all my clients.

Duration – 60 mins              

Duration – 120 mins            

Life’s purpose and foundation astrology reading – 1

This is the first type of foundation reading. In this reading, I will look into the position of planets in your birth chart and assess the many indications of the planets and direction the planets are taking you in this lifetime. This reading will serve as a psychological analysis and the developmental indications of the planets in your chart. This is strictly restricted to the placement of the planets in the birth chart and will not focus on any future predictions. This is best suited for people who have received my previous character and rahu-ketu reading.

Duration – 45 to 60 mins