Impact of Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transits of 2023 on the 12 signs

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In this article, I discuss the impact of Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transits of 2023 on the 12 signs. Please read this article before proceeding to read about the impact on the individual rasis. Further, it is extremely important to note once again that the positive and negative influences for any native will happen according to their fate, static promise indications, dasa/bhukti and cards etc. indications.

There is an overlapping window of time from July 18th 2023 to May 16th 2024 when all 4 grahas Saturn/Rahu/Ketu/Jupiter would have made significant changes in transit. So, you can expect that in this window of time the major events indicated below – both positive and negative to manifest. However, for the positive influences it can begin to give fruits throughout the period from May 2023 to 12th Jan 2025. On the other hand, the negative influences indicated below can begin to manifest from the period July 18th 2023 to 25th May 2025.

You must take the overall impact as explained below or in the previous post into account and only then conclude on the positive/negative impact for the 12 ascendant signs below.

Finally, note that there are advanced techniques as given by the rishi’s and sages to understand and predict using the transits. These techniques such as – Gochara from the Moon, Astakavarga and results from transits as described in the text YAVANA JATAKA and techniques as taught by Varaha Mihira must also be taken into account before concluding.

Important transits of 2023

Lagna rasi Saturn transiting in house until March 6th 2023--> change to house from March 7th 2023 until 14th of February 2026 Rahu/Ketu transiting in axis until July 17th 2023--> change to axis from July 18th 2023 until 12th of Jan 2025 Jupiter transiting in house 16th May 2023 --> change to house from 17th May 2023 until 26th May 2024 Overall Impact
Aries 11th --> 12th 2/8 --> 1/7 1st --> 2nd
Taurus 10th --> 11th 1/7 --> 12/6 12th --> 1st
Gemini 9th --> 10th 12/6 --> 11/5 11th --> 12th
Cancer 8th --> 9th 11/5 --> 10/4 10th --> 11th
Leo 7th --> 8th 10/4 --> 9/3 9th --> 10th
Virgo 6th --> 7th 9/3 --> 8/2 8th --> 9th
Libra 5th --> 6th 8/2 --> 7/1 7th --> 8th
Scorpio 4th --> 5th 7/1 --> 6/12 6th --> 7th
Sagittarius 3rd --> 4th 6/12 --> 5/11 5th --> 6th
Capricorn 2nd --> 3rd 5/11 --> 4/10 4th --> 5th
Aquarius 1st --> 2nd 4/10 --> 3/9 3rd --> 4th
Pisces 12th --> 1st 3/9 --> 2/8 2nd --> 3rd

Legend of the transit

Legend for the Colours
Most impacted rasis among the 12
Mostly challenging transit results
Mostly mixed bag of positive and negative transit results
Mostly positive transit results


Positive: Foreign travels for both leisure and work, new breakthroughs or horizons in career and life purpose/direction, focus on health and self-love, recovery from diseases, changes to body and appearance especially face and head region; marriage or meeting of spouse and changes in relationship life; fame and success in business; increase in income and new sources of income or investments (including promotions and bonus etc.); new long-term investments or returns from long-term investments; retirement of native’s father; retirement for people in that age group; early retirement for people interested to take break from career.

Negative: Expenses on account of career and father/government, for politicians and people in authoritative or government related professions there could be loss of power or conceding defeat (this is not in the video, edited/added on 19 Feb 2023); re-organization at work or projects; imprisonments due to career related or government related frauds/cases; unnecessary expenses and worries due to health; distress due to financial reasons and lack of sleep; if not careful possibility of weight gain; losses in long-term investments, frequenting hospitals or secluded places; losses from pets or animals; losses to or from father; scrutiny from the government leading to losses or imprisonment; minor head, face or sexual organs related surgeries, if other factors support in the chart; sexual organ related infections or STD’s if other factors support in the chart.


Positive: Acquisition of various objects, important growth and focus events in life of elder siblings; new animals or pets; promotions/gains from career (or government), recognition at work; income, increase/advancement; focus on marriage and children; meeting a counselor, Guru or life coach; spiritual development and focus on religion; changes to life path/purpose; conception or birth of a child; sudden windfalls of money such as inheritance, insurances; luck with bank loans; leisure travels to foreign places and well-being retreats

Negative: Chronic stress/fatigue; Enormous workloads and responsibilities, financial losses or stress, physical burnout; health issues (even may perplex medical community especially bacterial infections, kidney stones, bladder, urinary tract and digestive system); crisis or negative news in the life of grandparents; depression and lack of energy or motivation towards life due to reduced energy levels; mental stress due to unforeseen losses; issues in the life of elder siblings; subject to robbery or petty crimes from miscreants; conflicts in relationships with relatives especially maternal aunts and uncles


Positive: Increase in career responsibilities/roles; For Politicians and leaders scope for attaining authoritative positions or ascending the throne in the world; re-organization in career structure; new social circles/groups and friends; focus on children and their education; focus on spiritual learning like mantras, japa etc. Religious pilgrimage, long-distance travels; spiritual service/charity

Negative: Expenses or losses on account of children or creative projects; stressful travels due to work; unforeseen expenses due to counselors/therapy; loss of job/career; isolation; end of social circles/termination of friendships/long-term relationships; regretting recent important decisions


Positive: From the period of 22nd March 2020 until March 2023, there must have been a new career change, this change will take new shape and undergo positive developments and transitions in 2023; recovery from mental,emotional and physical health issues; surgery for better health; new found direction for life; assertive action; increased training and exercise habits; undertaking new forms of education/courses; learning new skills; New opportunities in foreign places in career; Purchase/renovation of house and vehicles; breakthroughs in healing trauma, mental, emotional wounds and chronic ailments; end of bond with home country (permanent foreign settlement); growth in business and business travels for acquiring new contacts or clients; settling debts and loans

Negative: Lack of happiness, depression and emptiness; Collapse of emotional and social structure; Unable to balance work and domestic life; Obesity; minor surgeries or accidents; chronic new disease diagnosis; health issues for parents and grandparents; issues with the law and order such as court cases and police cases; conflicts with siblings, team-mates and neighbors; stress in the life of siblings; issues in marriage; ending of marriage through divorce (or other ways if applicable); conflicts with teachers/Gurus; lack of purpose or direction (spiritual depression); duped by religious people due to following dogmatic beliefs; reaching the limitations of beliefs and philosophies


Positive: changes/restructuring of business; new phases in relationships or business partnerships; new career changes for spouse; health improvements after struggles; interest in foreign religion/teachings or meeting foreign Gurus in ashrams; long distance travels; new found interest in spirituality or teachings after harsh realities of life teach a lesson; religious inclinations; changes in career or lucky breaks in career after May 2023 (but manifested before May 2024); for mathematicians, astrologers and astronomers big lucky breaks in theories, research and knowledge

Negative: health risk for both the person and the spouse; business closures; surgeries; tax frauds; trouble with the government such as auditing of business files/taxes; bankruptcies; depending on social welfare, insurance, loans, spouse income for life; trouble from loan sharks or fraudsters; delays or obstacles in getting loans or financial support; co-dependency and increase in addictions; sexual heath and sexual organ related issues; cheating/frauds in business; unable to pay debts or loans; sudden losses/accidents; trouble or boredom in marriage; fear of death or death like suffering; financial distress for the spouse; losses in the form of alimony payments; sexual organ related issues or STD’s; sex scandals, cheating or betraying if chart is pointing at that.


Positive: fame through creative works or business; over-coming obstacles to creativity, relationship and business with hard work or new strategies; long distance travels on account of business or creative projects or children, but stressful; scope for marriage and children; participation in religious activities in own country or distant lands such as pilgrimage or visiting Guru or ashram; fortunes through spouse; fortunes through real-estate; possession of new vehicles and various material objects leading to happiness; good creative period for teachers, students, artists and writers leading to start of new projects or collaborations ; availing or restructuring of loans; financial support from government, insurance or spouse; increase in income post May 2023.

Negative: Defamation in the form of scandals; relationship break-ups; divorce; litigation cases on account of business; financial distress; increased family responsibilities leading to stress; obstacles and stress to business; health issues for the spouse but recoverable after 2023; increased addictions and co-dependency on drugs; experiencing near-death or death like events on account of severe loss of some sort particularly first half of the year (6 months) of 2025 (be careful with this assessment as it is extremely subjective to individual birth charts); sexual organ related issues or STD’s; sex scandals, cheating or betraying if chart is pointing at that.


Positive: Scope for purchase of vehicles and home, leading to bank loans/debts; marriage, conceiving or birth of a child; long-distance journey; inheritance; good luck with finances and loans; increase in income for spouse; business success, new partnerships and growth; increase in exercise activity

Negative: lack or obstacles to happiness; conflicts at home especially with mother; medical expenses; Health crisis and potential re-surfacing of underlying conditions or recurrent illness; minor surgery; trouble from enemies; delays and obstacles at work; severe work stress leading to burnout; financial crisis especially mortgage loans; vehicles leading to expenses; stress and expenses due to children or creative projects; trouble to children’s well-being in the form of illness; relationship breakups and divorces; trouble from step-mother; issues in the life of relatives particularly maternal uncle and grandparents which will lead to expenses or personal stress;


Positive: Fortunes through real-estate or rental property; change of career or position; assertive action in education and creative projects leading to growth and completion; general improvement in overall happiness; during 16 May 2023 to 26 May 2024 scope of marriage, union and conception, if already conceived, child birth in this window; success in business; new connections or business partners; increase in business income or investments; travels for leisure, spiritual reasons and business; success for spouse and children (creative works); good counsel for marriage or relationship issues; new growth phase for career and life path; if people are already in therapy, there is scope for breakthroughs; if not in therapy scope for meeting a good counselor, Guru or adviser; involvement in new or projects at work, but stressful; spiritual growth

Negative: Defamation in the form of scandals; Trouble with children or creative projects; litigation cases and law-suits particularly land related or conflict related; crisis situation in the life of children; trouble with superiors; loss of job; delays or slow down of creative activity; loss of creative works; termination of marriage or long-term relationships; new health issues leading to anxiety; health issues of the gut and digestive system; health issues due to toxic or foreign substance in the body; complex ailments that can perplex medical professionals; financial stress; trouble from miscreants or unlawful government officials like corrupt cops etc.; crisis in the life of grandparents and relatives such as uncles/aunts; facing consequences of negative actions of past; minor head or face related injuries and surgeries if other factors support in the chart; increase or resurfacing of allergies and dermatology infections; skin rashes, boils, acne etc.


Positive: planned change of residence; travels for work; new or increase in preexisting rental income; away from home like on the road travels for quite a long time; temporary stays or residence change; purchase of farm lands and livestock; new pets; for people in agriculture excessive focus on farming, but stressful; relief or agreed negotiations in lawsuits; relief from long-term health issues in form of new medicine or advise; positive life style or diet changes to impact health in positive manner; spiritual service and charitable acts; new changes to body and character growth; conception of business ideas; conception of child; new starts in romantic life; changes or new phases in the life of children such as their schooling, graduation, marriage etc.; completion of education or long-term projects

Negative: Depression; resurface of hidden emotional and mental trauma; general discomfort at home; issues with mother or grand mother’s health; conflicts with mother; law-suits in life of children (creative projects) or trouble from children; conflicts with spiritual teachers; trouble at home and family life; issues at home due to miscreants or tenants; issues with landlords if renting a home; issues with mortgage loans; unforeseen expenses due to issues in residence and vehicles; issues or death of pets and livestock; stressful farming days or losses due to agriculture either in the form of miscreants or natural calamities; end of social group associations; end of long-term friendships;


Positive: Short distance travels; learning new languages and skills; New training courses, certifications or learning of skills; New writing or media centered projects; meeting new friends or associates; new planned changes to financial management; increased interest in exercise and fitness; career growth and new projects; buying a new house or vehicle; permanent foreign settlement or travels to foreign countries; changes in the life of mother and father; children relocating from home; long-term investments in creative projects paying off; new start of creative projects by learning new skills; breakthroughs in emotional therapy and growth towards happiness; lucky breaks for content creators, creative artists and business investors

Negative: threats to life and longevity, if chart is indicating that; trouble due to miscommunication or misunderstandings; struggles perfecting skills and courses; mental distress; anxiety due to indecision; Severe imbalances in work and domestic life; Conflicts with siblings, neighbors and team-mates; trouble from people working under you; conflicts with teachers, spouse and marriage; lack of purpose or direction leading to spiritual crisis; severe emotional issues leading to chronic depression; association with dogmatic systems; termination of work due to dissatisfaction; changes at work due to superiors leaving or retiring; health issues for both mother and father; trouble from the government or people in positions of authority; separation and expenses from children; losses from creative projects; clashes with superiors at work; realizing limitations with work where expectations are not met;


Positive: meeting financial management goals and deadlines; clearing loans and debts; debts on account of purchasing useful day to day commodities and precious goods like gold, silver, gems, jewelry etc. budgeting and refinancing; getting rid of unnecessary expenses; changes to food habits and diet; increased responsibility in domestic matters; increased income from real-estate investments, greater fortunes; financial support from mother or mother side; happiness with associates and influence on social circles; increase of tangible money or resources in bank; learning new foreign languages and information technology (IT skills); In general making big adjustments and taking big leaps in skills, like overcoming weakness in skills; spiritual growth; success in business for fruit and flower vendors; for scientists and experimental researchers, big breakthroughs in technological research work; if language experts working on Artificial intelligence, new breakthroughs in this arena as well

Negative: frugal living; close of business stores or stress from business investments; start or resurfacing of addictions; losses through investments in gold, silver, gems, jewelry and other valuable resources; resurfacing or start of food related disorders like anorexia, bulimia etc. unexpected changes in closed social circles like friends and domestic family settings (like death and separations of other members, if chart is indicating this); threats to individual’s life and longevity, if chart is indicating that; severe financial burdens, debts and losses; trouble due to miscommunication or misunderstandings; struggles perfecting skills and courses; mental distress; anxiety due to indecision, worry and negative thoughts; Conflicts with siblings, neighbors and team-mates; trouble from people working under you; conflicts with teachers, spouse and marriage; lack of purpose or direction leading to spiritual crisis; association with dogmatic systems; fraud or subject to scam in the name of religion or philosophy


Positive: focus on health and well-being; eliminating unnecessary jargon or activities from life that waste time; eliminating unhealthy relationships that do not work; taking on bigger mature responsibilities at work; discovering or exploring new food interests; changes to appearance of face via artificial or fake means such as plastic/cosmetic surgeries; For astrologers, card readers and occultists big lucky breaks in theories, research and knowledge; For medics, drug manufactures and food innovators new path and lucky breaks; new found interest and lucky breaks in creative projects such as writing and teaching; rekindling of reading habits or bookworms may begin to process and read more books; During approximately May 2022 to May 2023, there has certainly been lucky breaks in finances and new forms of resources or income, these situations will expand to new horizons from May 2023 to May 2024; good luck with team-work and co-ordination with team-mates and siblings; improvements or positive news in the life of siblings, friends and team-mates; discovering a new religion or philosophy that syncs with the greater purpose of life; transformations or changes in financial management or resources like changing investment strategy, buying different stocks or funds etc.

Negative: slow or sluggish feeling that life is not moving forward (severe laziness); transitions in business and stress related to closing of deals; stupidity and wrong decisions; threat to longevity if chart is pointing at that; heaviness of burdens of life as if they are lifting an entire mountain on their back; Isolation; alone time; medical health issue diagnosis; critical underlying issues or weakness surfacing in relationships with spouse and business partners; co-dependency on others for resources; conflicts with superiors at work; delays or slow progress in work related projects; illness or death to pets; illness or burdens in the life of father, mother and spouse that causes stress to native; losses or delays in business undertakings

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya
om shanti shanti shanti.

ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Lead me from the asat to the sat.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality
Om Peace Peace Peace.

(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

!! Hari OM !!

!! OM TAT SAT !!