About Silvia Mori

I am based in Italy and offer consultations in both Italian and English. Since being little I can recall what strong curiosity I had about occult science, since the day I got told my Sun sign! that moment that I still remember vividly has sparked a light in me that I would discover and developed much later in life.

I specialize in guiding you using the “angelic forces” method of astrology. My first encounter with the occult was what are known to be the “angelic forces”. The way I see them is as they are very specialized sides of the human psyche we all have in common although according to our exact day of birth we are assigned one to be representative of our deepest psychological make up.
It has been an experiential journey of discovery, step by step, person after person, the description always matches the person.
This type of consultation is especially valuable for those that are interested in exploring their mind and see what the best life possible look like for them.
Maybe born to be an artist or a charitable person? your “angel” will tell us.
(consultations are held via Skype – 2 hours session – € 100).
I’ve also been studying Vedic Astrology and Cards of Truth with Ernst Wilhelm and I’m offering casting cards readings via e-mail.

Contact information:

E-mail: morisilvia@googlemail.com


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