Articles to read before a consultation

    1. A birth chart is a replica of the position of planets at the time of your birth. It is replication of the heavens and is a balance sheet of your karma. Synonymous to how your bank account indicates your monetary standings, your birth chart indicates your karmic standing. This will indicate your past and present events and all the future karma that is to pass in this life making it 80% predestined!
    2. You may wonder if everything is predestined and predetermined then where is Free Will in all of this? That is the remaining 20% that one can work with to change one’s fate and future events of life. To understand this please read my below articles:
    1. There are certain patterns that can clearly be seen in the horoscope, which is innate to you. If you continue to follow the behaviors and habits indicated by your horoscope, then the same themes will continue in your life and thus your life will be 100% predetermined by your horoscope and eventually everything becomes fated. When you approach me for a reading please bear in mind that I expect you to come with an open-mind and with the aim of self-realization. If you are not willing to make any changes in life and expect everything to magically fall in place, then an astrological reading is not for you.
    1. Take some time to reflect on what you want to know about. The more intensely you want to know or need to know information, the better. I often advise meditating or praying for a few days in advance of the session and asking for guidance and assistance to have the information you need revealed. If you are of Hindu faith, prayers to Lord Ganesha, the patron deity of astrology is beneficial. If not any form of prayer proves to be good too. Even if you are of any other religious faith or an atheist, it doesn’t really matter. I advise you to sit still in silence for sometime, calm your mind and then reflect on the thoughts you want the answers to in this session.

In addition below are the other pages I would recommend you to read in advance before a reading to acquaint yourself with certain terms I may use in the reading. Besides in these below articles you may also find answers to some of the post-reading questions that may arise after you receive the reading.