Important Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Jupiter transits of 2023

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There are some major changes happening in 2023 in the astronomical weather. I cover some of that content in this post.


First things first, I want to clear some of the facts on how you can use this transit calendar to track the events or use as an aid for your astrological learning.

  1. All events happen in accordance with the static promise in the birth chart, that is the karma that sets the boundary conditions for a person’s life. If you do not know how to judge the static promise of a birth chart (or birth card) then please refrain from concluding on the predictions for yourself or others because you will make mistakes. Instead, my recommendation is to book a consultation with an astrologer to receive accurate analysis and predictions.
  2. All events in vedic astrology happen in accordance with the Dasa and Bhukti. These are the specific time periods of a person’s life that run in accordance with the placement of the Moon’s nakshatra at birth. There are at least two important systems of Dasa, one must consider – the Nakshatra dasa of Maharisi Parashara and Rasi dasa of Maharisi Jaimini
  3. If you are student of the cards of truth system, you may also note that all events happen according to the static queen quadration spread, 7-year progressed cards and yearly quadrations that are running a person’s life.
  4. The above three points are important to be noted and stated as a disclaimer at the beginning before even attempting to address the transits of 2023 or any year for that matter. For example – If in a person’s chart there is no scope to have sudden windfalls of money, then no matter how many lottery tickets they purchase or even if great dasa periods or cards or transits happen, it will only incur losses rather than jackpots. So, I hope you get the idea.
  5. This is important because as many of you may know that I completely refrain from making any sort of generic predictions in astrology as it destroys the potential of astrology and stigmatizes it as pseudo-science.
  6. Last, but not least note that I use the Tropical Zodiac, with the Middle of Mula Galactic Center Ayanamsa and Dhruva Equatorial positions for Nakshatras. So, if you are using a different Ayanamsa these transit dates might be different in your calculations. But, stick around as it will help you decide in the Ayanamsa with the events as they happen.

Summary of important transits of 2023:

The most important transits of any year are always going to be that of the slower hand of clock. We are talking about the planets Saturn, Rahu/Ketu, Jupiter in the same order as these are the slowest of the moving Grahas in the sky. As it happens we have all 3 of these Grahas changing rasis this year, so needless to mention this is a significant transitory year of the decade to come.

It is no surprise that this is the case as the world is still caught in the aftermath of covid pandemic, in the middle of the Ukraine-Russia war, energy crisis in Europe, FTX crypto stock exchange crash and ponzi scheme, at the brink of a recession, hyper-inflation and much more. There have been many positive events as well in 2022 such as Malaria vaccine, NASA nails an asteroid and sends it off its course, launch of the James-Webb telescope, new breakthroughs in Nuclear fusion energy (coinciding with a major long Mars transit in Gemini for almost 8 months), a potential Lyme disease and HIV vaccine on the way. So, it is indeed a unique situation heading into 2023.

1. March 7th 2023 Saturn enters tropical sign of Pisces. Saturn will stay in Pisces for approximately another 2.5 years until 25th May 2025. On 25th May 2025, Saturn will enter Aries where he will be debilitated. But, Saturn will move retrograde and enter Pisces again on 1st of September 2025 and stay another few months in Pisces, until 14th of February 2026. So, you can imagine this is a long few years as always with Saturn transits.

2. July 18th 2023 Rahu ingress Aries and Ketu ingress Libra. The Rahu-Ketu transits in the Aries-Libra axis will last until 12th of Jan 2025. So, any eclipse dates starting from July 18th 2023 to 12th of Jan 2025 are going to significantly impact people who have any grahas in the rasis of Aries and Libra. Also, note that with the eclipses, not only are the day of the eclipse important but the window of the eclipse which is + or – 1 month of the eclipse the world will be in the shadow of the eclipse. So, events can manifest 1 month before or 1 month after the eclipse dates. Also, note that in the transit calendar you might see periods when Rahu and Ketu are shown as direct/retrograde. You may safely ignore this part and treat as that the nodes Rahu and Ketu are always Retrograde.

3. 20th December 2022, Jupiter enters Aries after the retrograde phase in Pisces. Jupiter stays in Aries until 16th May 2023. Then, Jupiter moves into Taurus on 16th May 2023. Jupiter stays in Taurus until 26th May 2024. During this period from May 2023-24, Jupiter will also retrograde in the sign of Taurus. However, he will not change signs which is unlike what happened when he was transiting in Aries or Pisces recently. So, this is important as we are talking about the financial stability of the world and both Jupiter and Taurus as a Rasi are very important for this.

4. 20th April 2023, Total solar eclipse. 5th- 6th May 2023, Lunar eclipse. 14th October annular Solar eclipse. 28th to 29th October partial Lunar eclipse. Eclipses always bring life changing events in a person’s life. Some of the best events of a person’s life and the worst events in a person’s life that will impact the course of a person’s life journey in this lifetime, the events that will impact a person’s consciousness or growth in a significant manner, the events that will leave a lasting impact in the journey of the soul from one lifetime to another happen during the Eclipses. So, it is always important to pay attention to Eclipses.

5. Some other notable mentions will be the continued Mars transit in Gemini until 25th March 2023. Mars will turn direct in Gemini from 13th Jan 2023, so he will zip through from this period. I hope the end of Mars transits in Gemini by 25th March 2023 concludes the War, or the prolongation of the beyond this period the consequences will be dire for the world and economy. Mars will transit in Cancer from 25th March 2023 until 20th May 2023. During this time, Mars will be naturally debilitated and I think this will have some foreign influence to the ongoing war and disturb the peace in the world.

6. Then, the faster moving planets Mercury and Venus are always key trigger Grahas particularly when they are retrograde, so you must pay attention to that when you are looking in the transit calendar.

7. In terms of the outer planets, although vedic astrologer do not give high importance to them, it is always worth paying attention to this as it shakes up some major events as well in the world when the outer planets change signs. So, this time that will be Pluto which changes Rasi from Capricorn to Aquarius 23 March 2023. Pluto will retrograde and then enter Capricorn again 11 June 2023. Interestingly, Pluto’s degrees of transit and retrogression are very important. I have a nagging feeling about this, however I will refrain from commenting anything about this in this post. Interested people can do their research and arrive at their conclusions. I will leave some clues here – Think in terms of War (of unusual proportions, yes read between the lines here as I do not want to write negative things)! Interested people pay attention to the Mars transits in relation to Pluto throughout 2023 and 2024. Particularly when Mars conjuncts Pluto in the sky or when Mars is exactly opposite Pluto, if this coincides with eclipses, then it will be important! Unfortunately, these transits are lined up for the next few years and this is another important reason I feel that the sooner Ukraine-Russia war and tension between USA and China concludes, it is better for the world!

Transit Calendar

Please download the free transit calendar document by clicking the button below.

The calendar shows the changes of the Grahas into the Rasis for the year 2023. This is a generic calendar and it does not take the trigger transits that give events into account, neither does it take the planetary placement in your specific chart into account.

Nonetheless, this is a post about communicating to the reader on how to use the transits. So, I hope this can still be of use to you and help you in your astrological learning.

How to use the transit calendar?

  1. First, please use the Free chart calculator and calculate your birth chart. If you have received a reading from me in the past you can use the charts that I have sent you as well.
  2. Note down all your planetary placements in the rasis or the signs.
  3. Most importantly note down your lagna (ascendant), Sun’s rasi, Moon’s rasi and Aatmakaraka (AK) graha and rasi. The AK is the first Jaimini cara karaka. It is the planet with the highest degrees in your chart. The rasi in which the AK is placed is important in both D1 (rasi chart) and D9 (Navamsa chart) divisional charts. For this article, just focus on the rasi of AK in D1 chart.
  4. Always, all transits are important from the ascendant point of view. But, when judging the impact of other grahas to the transiting grahas, the placement of the Sun, Moon and AK rasis have a significant impact. Further, many classical textbooks suggest to focus on the transits from the stronger of the AK, Sun or Moon. So, you can check these as well if you like.
  5. The other Jaimini cara Karakas are AmK – Amaatya Karaka (Minister that supports the Aatmakaraka); BK (Bhraatru Karaka for siblings); MK/PuK (Maatru and Putra Karaka for both Mother and children); PiK (Pitri Karaka for father); GK (Gnaati Karaka for Relatives and diseases) and DK (Daarakaraka for spouse)
  6. This time the most impacted rasis will be the dual signs and moveable signs. In particular, note down if you have any Grahas (planets) in Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Libra, Taurus and Scorpio. Secondarily, note down if you have any planets in dual signs Gemini, Sagittarius and fixed sign Capricorn.
  7. Next, note down the house cusps that fall in the rasis Pisces, Virgo, Aries, Libra, Taurus and Scorpio. Secondarily, note down the house cusps that fall in dual signs Gemini, Sagittarius and fixed sign Capricorn. In the predictions that I write for the individual rasis (signs), I will use the equal house cusps. But, note that you could have more than one house cusp in a rasi and the predictions will dramatically change for you. If you do not understand the meaning of the previous sentence, then please refrain from concluding or assuming the predictions I make will apply to you, because the chances are it will not (Yes this applies for both positive and negative predictions)!

Which rasis or who will have the major impact of Saturn’s transits?

Before reading the next paragraph to judge the impact of transits of Saturn, you must first understand your natal Saturn. Without understanding your natal Saturn placement, if you jump into judging the transits, you will make mistakes. If you have received any foundational astrology reading from me, I would have provided you with this information. So, you must use that and keep this in mind when reading the next paragraph. If you have not received an astrological reading from me, but understand the fundamentals of vedic astrology, I recommend you to do the strength, capacity, weakness, threats and opportunities (SWOT) analysis of your Saturn placement. In fact, you must do that for all Grahas (planets) in your chart before judging anything related to the Graha. Yes, these statements will also apply to Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu transits in this post. In particular judging Rahu and Ketu is extremely challenging for even the best astrologers as there will be many influences due to the these nodes. So, spend more time in understanding your natal Rahu and Ketu placements before proceeding with transits and other techniques involving Rahu and Ketu.

In your natal chart if you have a great Saturn and lucky to run a strong Dasa/Bhukti, the positive influences will manifest smoothly and negative influences will not impact you severely. Whereas if you have a troubled Saturn and happen to run a difficult Dasa/Bhukti time period, then unfortunately even the minutest of the issues will feel like a Mount Everest like problem. These statements will also apply to Jupiter and Rahu/Ketu transits in this post.

In my experience of life and as an astrologer I can tell you that 7/10 times these extremes of only positives and negative events never happen in a person’s life. Most often, many people get mixed results of both positive and negative. So, it is important to have this positive mindset in any circumstance of life. Such mindset and attitude will go a long way in dealing with any problem that one may face during the tough situations of life.

In the default situation, Saturn’s transit in Jupiter ruled Pisces has a neutral dignity. This is because Saturn and Jupiter are neutrals to each other in astrology. However, it is still a water sign, that can show emotional life and the natural 12th house of losses, so we must take this into account. Further, it is a long 2.5 year transit of Saturn, so if he undergoes aspects of enemies Sun, Mars and Moon, the results can vary. As it is many recent discussions in the world are centered on the work-life balance of people, the four day work week implementation, work from home, hybrid working conditions, the burnout phase of workers, the silent “quitting” of jobs post the pandemic era. Saturn is the natural Karma karaka which not only shows our work but also responsibilities and obligations. So, we can expect in the course of next 2.5 years, major changes to happen in this arena of work-life balance and work culture in the world.

Pisces shows water bodies and oceans. So, we can expect to see some important focal point on marine life and the shipping industry. If other transits also support this transit of Saturn, there could be oil spills in oceans leading threats to marine life flora and fauna. Depending on other triggers in the sky from grahas such as Mars, Jupiter, Sun and Moon on angles to Saturn in transit, particularly + or – 1 month of eclipse windows, it could even trigger Tsunami’s and floods that are irregular in nature. We could see some big controversies surrounding shipment yards, marine force/officers, companies and customs offices around the world of unusual proportions. Pisces also shows places such as ashrams, temples and monasteries including people residing in such places like priests and monks. So, we can expect to see some major focus on such places in the world. It is interesting because the Ayodhya Rama Mandir in India is set to complete construction and open to public during this transit of Saturn. The temple trust of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir has set a deadline of December 2023 for it’s completion, the construction began when Jupiter was transiting in Sagittarius. It always fascinates me on the double transits of Jupiter and Saturn, the planet of Dharma and Karma respectively, their tandem action leading to results. We have seen the death of many religious leaders worldwide at the end of 2022 before heading to 2023. Saturn being the planet of death, Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac that shows completions nirvana and Moksha, so there could be many more passing away of religious leaders or politicians, world leaders, activists, social workers, prominent spiritual personalities worldwide.

Additional note which is not present in the video recording (added 19 Feb 2023): When I was recording the video, the same day there has been an earthquake in New Zealand. The link to the news article is attached. Saturn is at the very cusp of entering Pisces, a water sign. But, he is closely trining Mars in transit at the moment. When Saturn enters Pisces, before Mars exits Gemini, there will square aspects and rasi aspects between these grahas. Basically, Saturn and Mars are on angles to each other that time. However, even when in Aquarius, the impact is very much there as it is at the edge of the sign. According to Maharisi Jaimini, Aquarius shows Islands where as Pisces shows water bodies and Oceans. So, the recent earthquake in New Zealand is not a surprise given that it happened in Wellington, but tremors were felt in both Islands. In the next 2.5 years or so, the coastal nations of the world and island nations surrounded by water bodies will be most impacted with natural disasters such as quakes and floods, but it will most likely be of unusual proportions. The next impact would definitely be when Saturn and Mars are in opposition to each other, that is when Mars moves into tropical Virgo (10 July 2023 to 27 Aug 2023). This will be followed by Saturn-Mars conjunction transit (Exact date is 11 April 2024) when Mars moves in tropical sign of Pisces (23 March 2024 to 30 April 2024). All this will happen while Saturn is transiting in Pisces for the next 2.5 years or so. It is good to keep an eye on this windows of transit for astrologers who are interested to research natural disasters.

  1. In terms of Saturn’s transits in Pisces, people who have Moon in the sign of Pisces will be most impacted. This means that you will be in the middle portion or peak of your Sade-Sati, the 7.5 years transit cycle of Saturn. The Sade Sati period for Moon in Pisces natives started when Saturn entered tropical Aquarius sign on 22nd March 2020. The Sade-Sati period is significant psychological and mental distressing time in a person’s life. This period sets in when Saturn transits in the rasi before your moon placement, in this case the sign of Aquarius; in the rasi of the Moon i.e. Pisces in this case and finally the rasi in front of the Moon, i.e. Aries in this case. This transit takes about 7.5 years to cross these three Houses/Rasis. Hence, it is called Sade Sati (seven and a half). Saturn will be in each sign for 2.5 years. The peak is during the time he is in the moon sign or conjunct the natal moon itself. 
  2. So, people who have their Moon in Pisces, it is extremely important to to pay attention to your social structure and emotional structure of life. These are important time frames for any native as it tends to be psychological developmental phases. The deep knots of subconscious emotional baggage one has will come to surface. Hence it can lead to long haul periods of depression. Saturn is “time” itself and represents gravity. So things will seem like it is slowing down and life is not moving forward at all due to that feeling of being stuck. Many people go to astrologer, psychologists and psychiatrists during this time. Life becomes difficult to psychologically understand anything on your own. It is very important for you to be active, be social, exercise and stay positive during that period. You will psychologically never be the same after this period. But bear in mind it is all for your own good in the long term course of the soul, that is the typical nature of Saturn. If you are feeling down and need any mental or emotional support, do not hesitate to reach out to the counselors out there. It is the right time to heal the trauma and any underlying wounds and recover in a healthy manner, rather than suffering silently.
  3. The next set of people who will feel the strong impact of the Sade-Sati will be people who have Moon in Aquarius and Moon in Aries. The natives with Moon in Aquarius are in the final leg, the last 2.5 years of the Sade Sati, that started almost 5 years ago. Whereas, the natives with Moon in Aries are in the first leg of the Sade Sati that starts now from March 7th 2023 and will last almost 7.5 years. Again, depending on the time periods of a person’s life, these influences can be severe or mild. Usually, the general rule of thumb is that the first 2.5 yrs and middle 2.5 yrs of Sade-Sati are the most challenging years. However, in my experience I have seen a spectrum of results from the best 7.5 years of a person’s life to the worst 7.5 years of a person’s life. So, we cannot conclude on such predictions without analyzing the native’s horoscope. But, going by the default rules, natives who have Moon in Aries must brace themselves as a cold snow storm is coming!
  4. Moon rules the 5th rasi for Pisces lagna, so the most impact for Pisces natives will be on their children, their business, creative projects, consistency in maintaining flow in these parts of life. It may result in fall from heights such as loss of position of authority (for people in authoritative fields) and change of career or loss of job. Since Saturn is a malefic graha and influences are separating by default, the negative influences will be higher in this case than positive influences.
  5. Shastama and Ashtama Shani transits: For people who have Moon in Libra, Saturn would be transiting in the 6th from that position. This is called the Shastama (6th) Shani transit. For people who have Moon in Leo, Saturn would be transiting in the 8th from that position. This is called Ashtama (8th) Shani transit. Normally these transits tend to be important from the lagna perspective as well. Moon shows the manas (mind) and is responsible for the emotional and mental well being of a native. So, the 6th and 8th transit of Saturn from the Moon are in general extremely challenging. Natives may feel stuck, in general face enormous obstacles, trouble from enemies and have many health issues. Leo natives will in general suffer greater issues than Libra natives in this case due to the nature of Saturn for those respective lagnas.
  6. In general Saturn is a malefic separating influence among the Grahas. So, natives who have any Grahas in Pisces will feel the burden due to Saturn transiting in Pisces. The naisargika (Sthira) and cara karakatwas indicated by those grahas will be impacted the most.
  7. Natives who are running the nakshatra dasas/bhukti of Saturn or the Rasi dasas/bhukti of Pisces will be most impacted.
  8. Natives who have Saturn as lagna lord (Capricorn and Aquarius natives) or AK will also be most impacted by this change in transit.
  9. Natives who have Saturn in the sign of Pisces in the natal chart, this will be your Saturn return. Depending on whether, it is your first or second Saturn return, the results will vary.

Which rasis or who will have the major impact of Jupiter’s transits?

In the default situation, Jupiter’s transit in Venus ruled Taurus has a enemy dignity. This is because Venus is an enemy to Jupiter in astrology. However, it is still a earth sign, natural artha house and Jupiter is the Karaka for the 2nd house of finances (Taurus in the natural zodiac), so we must take this into account. Further, it is a year long transit of Jupiter, so if he undergoes aspects of enemies Mercury and hard square aspects from other grahas, the results can vary. Now the situation becomes interesting because the global economic situation looks bleak as the international monetary fund (IMF) predicts a recession for 2023. The impact is already severe as we are also in a state of hyper-inflation impacting many countries across the world. Jupiter is the natural karaka for Dhana or wealth and Taurus is the natural house of wealth. However, Jupiter is in Kshuditha avastha, a starved state in the signs of Venus due to Venus being an enemy to Jupiter. The interesting bit to me is that a starvation is nothing but a scarcity, a recession is a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activity are reduced, generally identified by a fall in GDP in two successive quarters. But, the unique nature of Jupiter in Taurus is that even though there is Kshuditha avastha created, which might result in lack of growth, still the economy will rebound or sustain. So, I predict that, yes there will be slowdown, there will be some turbulent times, but the benefic nature of Jupiter will at least lead to maintenance of the economy either in the form of interest rate hikes or other ways. There will not be a complete meltdown like in the year 2008 or before that. This is because of the natural Karaka Jupiter transiting in the natural Dhana sthana of Taurus.

When, covid struck the world and I had predicted the stock market crash of 2020 to the accuracy of the month (link to that article), that year Jupiter was in Debilitation in the tropical sign of Capricorn. However, now Jupiter is not in Debilitation in the sign of Taurus, but Jupiter is in Kshuditha avastha, a starved state. Jupiter will be rasi aspecting the sign of Capricorn. So, the transit of Jupiter in the sign of Taurus is a feed-forward effect of whatever had happened in the sign of Capricorn during 2020. Since, Jupiter is the benefic graha, his rasi aspects will manifest results. So, the world is still experiencing the aftermath results of the 2020 crash as there is connection via the rasi aspect to the sign of Capricorn. However, as previously mentioned, the Jupiter transit in 2023 is much better positioned than in 2020. It is not perfect, but we are getting there as the recovery is happening. My prediction is that the full recovery of the global economy from the Pandemic and the War will not happen until Jupiter moves in transit to the Tropical sign of Cancer starting from period of 10 June 2025 until 30 June 2026. The movement of energy for Jupiter would be from Capricorn – Taurus – Cancer —> Debilitation – Enemy – Exaltation. When Jupiter was transiting in Capricorn, he was in neecha or low state. When Jupiter will transit in Cancer, he will reach the uccha or high state. This will also complete one cycle from neecha to ucca ~ 7 years transit of Jupiter, so major changes are ahead. In many ways, the pandemic was a result of man’s actions (Karma) and atrocities against nature (Saturn is the karaka for nature and animals, Capricorn is the natural Karma sthana) and divine judgment (Jupiter is the Divine Judge or Perceptor) was delivered when Jupiter was transiting in Capricorn (Saturn is the Karmic Judge).

On 8 January 2020, the time when Covid pandemic gripped the world, Jupiter was in Lajjitha (shamed) avastha in the transit chart as he was conjunct a node (Ketu) to the degree, conjunct enemy Mercury causing Kshuditha (starvation), conjunct Sun leading to Kshobitha (agitation) and conjunct Saturn leading to Kshuditha (starvation) avasthas. So, the last time Jupiter came in direct contact with a node was on 8 Jan 2020. Next time Jupiter will conjunct a node to the degree is on 2nd June 2023, this time Rahu. The avasthas pretty much remain the same for Jupiter except there is no starvation on account of Saturn and agitation from the Sun. But, there is Lajjitha and severe Kshuditha avastha on account of conjunction to Mercury and transiting in the rasi of Venus.

There is one interesting overlapping two month window of time in 2023, that time when Jupiter has entered Taurus and Rahu is still transiting in Taurus before moving to Aries. This window of time is 16 May 2023 until 18 July 2023. The last time when Jupiter and Rahu were conjunct was in Tropical Virgo, there were many changes that happened and took the world by storm. I encourage you to read these posts (click to read post 1 and post 2) if you are interested to know about the nature of Jupiter and Rahu conjunctions. The issue with the Jupiter-Rahu conjunction is that it creates a “Guru-Chandala” Yoga in the chart. The last time this happened we saw the rise of extremist and dogmatic theme centered leaders on the world stage. These leaders could have both political and cult-like projection of their persona and approach in the world. Back in 2016, Yes, Donald Trump rose to fame and power because of this trigger. So, we can expect some major extremist theme activities to take place during this time. Since Rahu will eclipse Guru, we could also see scams related to spiritual leaders, religious figures, philosophers and religious places to take center stage. These scams will more or less have a financial scams or possessions or losses centered theme. If it is pointing in the chart of those natives (in the form of bandhana yoga and other Dur yogas etc. ) and considering the Saturn transit in Pisces, these natives could also be imprisoned. Unfortunately, the extreme nature of Rahu can also lead to clashes and violence between religious groups or violence on account of belief systems clashes between people. Lastly, we can expect the countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka that are suffering debt crisis to have important verdicts and consequences passed during this time, the nature of this could lead to defaulting of loans and bankruptcies (added/edited on 19 Feb 2023, excluded in the video recording).

Furthermore, I expect some major financial developments, stock market and economic events to happen in this window of 16 May 2023 until 18 July 2023. It will coincide with the the shadow of the April-May 2023 eclipses. So, any events that are triggered on global scale in April-May 2023, will have continued impact until 18 July 2023, with peak being around 1st week of June 2023. Almost 3 years ago, I had written the article related to the predictions for 2023. You can read about other important predictions by clicking on this link and keep track of the dates and world events during this time. Also, note one important point about upcoming Jupiter transit in Cancer, that time Jupiter will be opposite to the degree and sign of Capricorn, when the Pandemic started. So, this is an important trigger transit. I expect some major news to break related to crypto, NFT and stock exchange centered. Also, there is a possibility FOREX market will undergo extreme swings in points (added/edited on 19 Feb 2023, excluded in the video recording).

  1. In terms of Jupiter’s transit, whichever rasis he is transiting will have “Guru Bala” – the manifesting and positive impact of Jupiter. So, this time those rasis that will be impacted are fro 20th December 2022, Jupiter enters Aries after the retrograde phase in Pisces. Jupiter stays in Aries until 16th May 2023, during this time Jupiter manifests any Grahas and house cusps in Aries. Then, Jupiter moves into Taurus on 16th May 2023. Jupiter stays in Taurus until 26th May 2024. From the period of ~ May 23-24, Jupiter manifests and positively impacts any grahas and house cusps in Taurus.
  2. So, check what grahas, (natural and carakarakas) are located in the rasis of Aries and Taurus in your chart. Those grahas will be manifested and positively impacted. For example taking the natural Karakatwas of grahas into account: If you have Sun in Aries/Taurus – career, father and life path will be impacted; if Moon is in Aries/Taurus the life of the mother, mind, environment or domestic life will be impacted and so on. You must also check the cara Karakatwas of the grahas in Aries and Taurus, to derive accurate predictions.
  3. Likewise, you can check the house cusps in Aries and Taurus to see the exact impact on the people or indications of that house cusps. For example if you have 7th house in Aries or Taurus, that is if you are Libra or Scorpio ascendant people, you can expect big changes, positive news and developments in the area of relationships, your children and creative projects. If you have 10th house cusp in the sign of Aries or Taurus, that is Cancer or Leo lagna people, you can expect big lucky breaks in the area of career such as promotions, new projects or new job opportunities etc.
  4. Even though Jupiter is benefic and important manifester in astrology, he can still be a malefic or inauspicious graha for your lagna. For example, for Aries lagna Jupiter is still the 12th lord of separations and losses; for Libra lagna he rules the 6th house of obstacles, delays and losses; for Leo lagna he naturally rules the 8th house of insecurities and flaws. Further, Jupiter can rule the 6th, 8th, 12th house or cusp in the other varga charts from D2-D60 as well which can make Jupiter the Graha to deliver inauspicious results in his transits over Karakatwa grahas or house cusps. So, you must take this into account for the transits calculations and predictions as well. If you miss this fundamental concept of astrology and always make auspicious predictions for all Jupiter transits, you will make the most erroneous predictions ever possible in astrology.
  5. Natives who are running the nakshatra dasas/bhukti of Jupiter or the Rasi dasas/bhukti of Aries or Taurus will be most impacted.
  6. Natives who have Jupiter as lagna lord (Pisces and Sagittarius natives) or AK will also be most impacted by this change in transit.
  7. Natives who have Jupiter in the sign of Aries or Taurus in the natal chart, this will be your Jupiter return. Depending on whether, it is your first, second, third etc. Jupiter return, the results will vary.

Which rasis or who will have the major impact of Rahu/Ketu’s transits?

Unlike the transit predictions of Jupiter and Saturn, we cannot make easy conclusions for the transits of Rahu and Ketu. The predictions of Rahu and Ketu transits is a bit more involved than just looking at the rasis and the house cusps impacted. Rahu and Ketu are called chaya grahas in astrology or shadow planets. They are basically points in sky that are seen only during eclipses. Hence, Rahu and Ketu must be treated like the lords of the rasi in which they are transiting. Rahu and Ketu will give the results of the other grahas that they are conjunct in the natal chart as well as in transit. For simple understanding purposes you can treat as if the lord of the rasi will transit in that rasi for a long period of 18 months, when rahu/ketu are in a sign. However, remember that when other grahas conjunct or impact Rahu and Ketu, they will also act as those grahas are transiting in that sign. So, I think now it will make sense to you as to the difficulty in making predictions with Rahu and Ketu transits on standalone basis. There are many more involved things than this, but for now these points of consideration is important.

Rahu and Ketu are indicators of the environment and show the global shift in the consciousness of the native and the world. Hence, you will see the that the eclipses impact the microcosm as much as the macrocosm. So, Rahu and Ketu are essentially where the work must be concentrated on or putting efforts in those areas of life will lead to transformations. If you would like to make simple predictions, you can do the static analysis of the rasi lord and condition of house cusp that Rahu and Ketu are transiting in – if lord of rasi and house cusp are strong, then depending on Dasa/Bhukti rahu and Ketu will yield great results, otherwise vice-versa will manifest.

You can read about other important predictions related to Rahu and Ketu by clicking on this link and keep track of the dates and world events during this time. This time the major shift or impact will be on the rasi of Aries and Libra. Aries is the rasi of self-sufficiency whereas Libra is the rasi of working with others and relationships. A healthy Aries-Libra axis is the state of perfectly blend inter-dependent relationships where both parties involved contribute equally and benefit equally. An unhealthy Aries-Libra axis is when independence and co-dependence run to the extremes. Is this not interesting that we are in the period when the entire world is trying to shy away from China and get rid-off the codependency on it’s “global-factories”?! So, you can expect major shifts to happen again in this arena of globalization, trade, diplomatic ties, foreign investments, relations and connections. In fact due to the ongoing radical changes in the area of global trade, many important CEO’s of big tech companies claim that globalization is as good as dead. And guess what? Ketu is the planet transiting in Libra. Ketu shows completing phases or ending of outer structures where as Rahu is where the work and progress and development must happen. Ketu shows the overly utilized or exhausted nature of the house or grahas that it is conjunct or transiting, now that is Libra! So, we had reached a state where the major imbalance was created by extreme co-dependence on China for almost all products in every country in the world. So, this extreme imbalance must be offset to bring balance back to the world. Hence, the world is shifting once again towards “make-in-own” country policy. You can see big curbs and cutbacks of trade deals with China as major economies like USA, Japan, India and countries of Europe are pulling out supplies and trade.The other area where this transit will have its major impact is the Russia-Ukraine war. This is also the area of diplomacy between nations seen through the sign of Libra. This will have impact on the global trade and economy as well.

  1. In terms of Rahu and Ketu transits, natives with Aries and Libra lagna will be impacted the most. July 18th 2023 Rahu ingress Aries and Ketu ingress Libra. The Rahu-Ketu transits in the Aries-Libra axis will last until 12th of Jan 2025. So, any eclipse dates starting from July 18th 2023 to 12th of Jan 2025 are going to significantly impact people who have any grahas in the rasis of Aries and Libra. Also, note that with the eclipses, not only are the day of the eclipse important but the window of the eclipse which is + or – 1 month of the eclipse the world will be in the shadow of the eclipse. So, events can manifest 1 month before or 1 month after the eclipse dates. Natives who are running the nakshatra dasas/bhukti of Rahu and Ketu will be most impacted. The discussion on what areas this transit will impact can be found in this article.
  2. Natives who have any grahas in Aries and Libra, those Karakatwas (the natural and cara) of the grahas will undergo transformations.
  3. Natives who have Rahu and Ketu transiting in the angular houses from the lagna, that is Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn ascendant natives will have major life changing events lined up.
  4. Natives who have Rahu and Ketu impacting their 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th house cusps will have major life changing events lined up.
  5. Natives who have Rahu and Ketu impacting their 2nd and 8th house cusp, that is Pisces and Virgo ascendant natives major impact will happen, with inclinations towards negative results.
  6. Rahu and Ketu are karakas for the pitris (ancestors), our past actions and the particularly the 12th house in astrology. Natives who have Rahu and Ketu transiting their 12th house cusp, Taurus and Scorpio lagna natives, major impact will be in the arena of your pitris, grandparents and lineage. These natives have scope to experience both good and bad results from past actions.
  7. Rahu and Ketu indicate one set of grandparents in the chart. Jupiter and Venus are Karakas for one set of grandparents as well. So, if Rahu and Ketu are transiting over natal Jupiter and Venus, it will almost always bring events with respect to grandparents, lineage and dynasty. Further, both Jupiter and Venus are Gurus in astrology. Jupiter is the Guru who teaches judgement of the right from the wrong. Venus is the Guru who teaches a native the values of life, that lead to making healthy choices. The transits of Rahu and Ketu on Jupiter and Venus are always important as it will activate assessment or give results of the past judgements and choices of the native. Undoubtedly, the area of relationships, spouse and children of the native will be impacted when Rahu and Ketu will transit over Jupiter and Venus.
  8. In general, Rahu and Ketu are malefic grahas in astrology and can separate the native from the Karakatwas over which they are transiting. So, pay attention to Rahu and Ketu transits very close to the degree of the karakas and house cusps. In particular, 20th April 2023, Total solar eclipse. 5th- 6th May 2023, Lunar eclipse. 14th October annular Solar eclipse. 28th to 29th October partial Lunar eclipse, the closer these eclipses occur to the karakas or the house cusps, the stronger the impact. As a general rule of thumb, a 3 degree orb (one navamsa) impact of the eclipses or its closeness to the karakas or house cusps will be strongly experienced by the native.
  9. Astronomically, Rahu and Ketu denote the points of intersection of the paths of the Sun and the Moon as they move on the celestial sphere. Sun is the natural karaka for father and Moon is the natural Karaka for mother in the chart. So, transits of Rahu and Ketu on the Sun and Moon of the natal chart will not only significantly impact the native (as Sun and Moon are natural self-factors as well), it will also significantly impact the life of parents.
  10. Natives who have Rahu and Ketu in the 1-7 axis in the natal chart.
  11. Natives who have Rahu in the sign of Aries and Ketu in the sign of Libra in the natal chart, this will be your Rahu-Ketu return. Depending on whether, it is your first, second, third etc. Rahu/Ketu return, the results will vary.
  12. Natives who have Rahu in the sign of Libra and Ketu in the sign of Aries in the natal chart, this will be your Rahu-Ketu opposition. Depending on whether, it is your first, second, third etc. Rahu/Ketu opposition, the results will vary. In general, the Rahu and Ketu opposition times are good periods to bring balance to your natal Rahu and Ketu indications. So, you can take advantage of this transit to benefit from Rahu and Ketu.
  13. Natives who have Rahu and Ketu conjunct their AK and lagna lord will always feel the significant shift in their behavior patterns and conscious patterns when Rahu and Ketu changes rasis.
  14. Natives who have Kalasarpa Yoga in the natal chart will also strongly experience the nodal transits of Rahu and Ketu.

Future important transits

Added/edited on 19 Feb 2023, excluded in the video recording – In addition to the above important transits, there will be an interesting change when Jupiter will move into Tropical sign of Gemini on 26 May 2024. Jupiter will transit in tropical Gemini for the period 26 May 2024 to 10 June 2025. Jupiter will retrograde in Gemini from 9 October 2024 until 4 Feb 2025. The interesting phase that is also relevant to the Rahu and Ketu transits of this post is the window of time from 26 May 2024 until 12 Jan 2025 because during this time Jupiter would have changed signs while Rahu and Ketu are still in the Aries-Libra axis. Secondarily, the other important window of time is from 26 May 2024 to 25th May 2025. This 1-year window of time Saturn will be in Pisces while Jupiter will be in Gemini, both will be mutually rasi aspecting each other and squaring each other. In addition, during the major portion of this transit from 26 May 2024 to 25th May 202, Rahu and Ketu will still be in the Aries-Libra axis. There will be major shifts in the transit results during this window of time. So, interested astrologers and researchers must pay attention to this time period.

In particular, the eclipse dates of 2024 is when we can expect the major events in the world to happen related to the Jupiter transit in Gemini and Saturn transit in Pisces. These dates are listed below:

  • 24-25 March 2024, Penumbral lunar eclipse.
  • 8th April 2024, Total solar eclipse.
  • 17-18 Sep 2024, Lunar eclipse.
  • 2nd October 2024, Annular Total eclipse.
  • 17th October 2024, Almost Lunar eclipse.

Important transits of 2023

Lagna rasi Saturn transiting in house until March 6th 2023--> change to house from March 7th 2023 until 14th of February 2026 Rahu/Ketu transiting in axis until July 17th 2023--> change to axis from July 18th 2023 until 12th of Jan 2025 Jupiter transiting in house 16th May 2023 --> change to house from 17th May 2023 until 26th May 2024 Overall Impact
Aries 11th --> 12th 2/8 --> 1/7 1st --> 2nd
Taurus 10th --> 11th 1/7 --> 12/6 12th --> 1st
Gemini 9th --> 10th 12/6 --> 11/5 11th --> 12th
Cancer 8th --> 9th 11/5 --> 10/4 10th --> 11th
Leo 7th --> 8th 10/4 --> 9/3 9th --> 10th
Virgo 6th --> 7th 9/3 --> 8/2 8th --> 9th
Libra 5th --> 6th 8/2 --> 7/1 7th --> 8th
Scorpio 4th --> 5th 7/1 --> 6/12 6th --> 7th
Sagittarius 3rd --> 4th 6/12 --> 5/11 5th --> 6th
Capricorn 2nd --> 3rd 5/11 --> 4/10 4th --> 5th
Aquarius 1st --> 2nd 4/10 --> 3/9 3rd --> 4th
Pisces 12th --> 1st 3/9 --> 2/8 2nd --> 3rd

Legend of the transit

Legend for the Colours
Most impacted rasis among the 12
Mostly challenging transit results
Mostly mixed bag of positive and negative transit results
Mostly positive transit results

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya
om shanti shanti shanti.

ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Lead me from the asat to the sat.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality
Om Peace Peace Peace.

(Brhadaranyaka Upanishad — I.iii.28)

!! Hari OM !!

!! OM TAT SAT !!