Ethics and practices of a good astrologer

Astrology is a very intuitive and psychic science. It is also poetic and demands very good knowledge of astronomy and mathematics. For an astrologer to make good predictions he has to abstain from certain practices that tend to block his intuition. First and foremost he has to trust the techniques he uses in prediction. In order to develop that trust and intuition he has to practice them on many different charts. A good technique in astrology has a success rate of 60%, which is decent. A great technique on the other hand has a success rate of 80%. One may wonder why is it still not 100%? First thing is if it was 100% accurate then mainstream science wouldn’t have a problem embracing it. Any prediction of the future like a football game (unless it’s not fixed), elections (unless it’s not rigged), even the weather forecast involves many variables and thus it is impossible for a human brain to process all that information. The same applies to even astrological predictions. Besides all the divine knowledge of astrology was lost in the dark ages of descending Kali Yuga. Astrology of today is rising like a phoenix with the aid of modern computers and technology.

In order to improve the chances of accurate predictions, an astrologer is expected to take austere measures. Since it drains a lot of energy to look at many charts and assimilate all the information that is seen, pranayama or meditation is the best solution. It helps calm the mind and improves concentration. During ancient times in India an astrologer was expected to complete many thousand rounds of specific mantra recitation before beginning his practice in a Gurukula. Many people these days have deviated from the classical methods and learn in unconventional ways so the best practice in such cases is to involve oneself in regular mantra chanting. Lord Ganesha is the patron deity of knowledge, wisdom and astrology. If a native can please him, then he will definitely hold mastery over any form of knowledge and esoteric science. The late Dr. B.V Raman advocated the chanting of Gayatri mantra to develop clearness of vision. I personally give utmost priority to mantras to rejuvenate the mind as they operate on ethereal plane.

Just like any other field of science, an astrologer should maintain certain ethics and respect for this divine science. But nothing comes close to the next major hurdle an astrologer has to clear that is his greed for money. There is saying in my native language Kannada that roughly translates to English as follows – One should not forcefully impose him on a woman and submit to earth (in the context of conquering a land, amassing hoards of property) and gold. All these three forms of pleasure should find it’s own way into one’s life, then it is long lasting and enjoyable or else it leads to misery, pain, and suffering. Unfortunately, today’s pop culture teaches us the exact opposite and there is always a constant fight with the mind to avoid the temptation of materialistic things and desires. I have come across many astrologers in India who are giants in this great field yet who don’t charge fees. On the contrary, I have also come across many contemporary astrologers who basically are scavenging people for their money using their very little knowledge. It is very important to find a middle ground and not adulterate this divine science.

It is particularly interesting to note why the Vedic tradition abstains from such worldly desires. It is because we believe that Guru, planet Jupiter who is the embodiment of knowledge, the giver of life, joy, and happiness walks out of the door if the person practices gluttony. For any person to be a dhimantha, one who seeks knowledge and understanding, he can’t indulge in greed. If he does, then it is as if he is looking at both left and right directions at the same time, which is impossible. His intuition fails him and eventually, predictions fail too. The irony of this is the fact that Jupiter is the planet of wealth too and it is such hurdles and tests of the planets a person has to clear before he is on the right path to knowledge.

Besides this, there are some more important ethics an astrologer is expected to follow like not predicting ill-fated events. Astrology is such a wonderful science it should not be used to install fear and scare the client. As such life on earth is unbearably difficult so it is always good to predict events that bring happiness into the native’s life. Keeping all the above points in mind, I don’t do consultations related to predicting the longevity of the native or important family members related to the native. I will also not entertain clients who want me to predict terminations and endings like a relationship break-up, divorce etc.