Yogas reading

This is the fourth reading that I would recommend to a potential client. It serves as a follow-up to the character and foundation reading. The Samskritha word Yoga means ‘to unite’ or ‘to join’. In the context of a birth chart, it figuratively means the zeal of a horoscope. It is the yogas in the horoscope that distinguish a king from a pauper. In this reading, your chart is evaluated precisely against all the hundreds of available important combinations of the planets. A final assessment will be made to concisely reveal the contributions of the planets to the four major areas of your life that are your personality, psychology, wealth and spiritual development. You will receive a handwritten document and mp3 recording.

Duration – 1.5 hr   


Nakshatra and Moon reading

The true potential of Jyothish science lies in the nakshatras. The star constellation in which a planet resides in the horoscope will manifest and grow things in the native’s life in accordance with that particular nakshatra’s energy. Likewise, these influences change in accordance with the current planetary cycles of the native. In this reading, you will receive a complete picture of all the planets in their different nakshatras at birth and also their nature in the current planetary cycle.

The precedence is given to the moon’s nakshatra in this reading, as that will reveal the finer details of the consciousness of the native. This will also indicate the troubles (if any) of the moon in the chart. The mind suffers if there are troubles seen on account of the moon. At the end of this reading, a wealth of information will be revealed in regard to what one has to do in order to avoid such difficulties. The various yogas (fruits of the karma) arising specifically from the nakshatras will also be revealed.

Nakshatras are the true zodiac that existed since astrology came into existence. With the decline of man’s consciousness over the ages, all that divine knowledge is lost. There are very little known secrets of the nakshatras in today’s astrological times. Hence, decoding the true potential of nakshatras in a horoscope is completely based on the intuition and elegance of an astrologer. Therefore, an astrologer is expected to rely completely on his philosophical teachings along with mythological stories to connect the dots. This type of reading is very advanced and is the best suitable for returning customers. Those people who have already consulted me and received a foundational reading with respect to their horoscope may appreciate this even better.

In cases when the birth time is unknown and if you are unable to afford a rectification reading, then this type of reading is best suited. You will benefit enormously from this reading.

Duration – 1hr