Life’s purpose and foundation astrology reading – 2

This is the second type of reading I would recommend a potential client. It will reveal answers to many of the questions of their life. In my experience, I have noticed that predictive astrology is a probability not a certainty in many cases. However, what does not deviate much as seen in the chart is the character foundation and the tangible things a person is entitled to get in this lifetime. This reading will reveal such important information.

Jyothish is extremely useful in determining what are the skill sets of the native? What is the area of life the native will spend the most time in? Will he/she be successful in this world in terms of career? What is his/her highest form of intelligence? What is the path of consciousness his/her soul is traveling in this lifetime? What is the evolutionary goal of his/her soul? How capable are you as an individual in making an impact on this world? Are you the sort of person who is following your inspirations (svadharma) if not what should you do instead? Will you ever get married or opt an aesthetic life? What are some of the qualities of your spouse? Do you have the potential for spiritual development? If yes then which deity should you worship for this purpose? Are you someone who will be rich/famous? Will you travel/settle down in a foreign country? Will you have children? If yes, how many of them? What sort of relationships will you have with the people who come into your life?

This reading will answer all the above 16 questions and focus on the concrete things that the planets will manifest in your life. It is very useful for people who want to know more about themselves as it is quite revealing. However, this reading is semi-predictive since it will not time or provide you the information as to when those things will manifest in your life. So this is suitable for people who are curious to get a glimpse into all the major concrete events in their life. In addition to this if you would like to know when these things would manifest in your life, please choose the specific area of life reading.

Duration – 1 hr            

Medical astrology and health reading:

By far my most favorite area in astrology is the medical astrology part. According to ancient seers of India, a disease in the human body manifests on 5 levels – physical, emotional, mental, chemical and spiritual. A healthy body is considered free of all these diseases. A diseased person is called “Rogi” in Sanskrit while a healthy person maybe termed as a “Yogi”. The goal of this reading is to help you become a Yogi and walk away from all 5 levels of disease. This reading will address all 5 levels of disease manifestation. The specific combinations in your chart that make you susceptible to any disease patterns will be identified. Practical sound advises and counseling will be given to help you overcome any of the disease patterns. Depending on the tier of reading you choose, predictions will also be made about the manifestation of the above-mentioned diseases. Knowing these periods well in advance is very useful as measures can be taken immediately to avert the major difficulties during those periods. That is the best use of an astrological session. I highly recommend this reading to all the clients. If a person is fit on physical, emotional, mental, chemical and spiritual levels then he/she can manifest anything they desire in this world. Therefore, it is important to identify the weaknesses in the chart and consciously work towards it to improve the lifestyle.

Duration – 1hr            

Duration – 2 hr           

After purchasing any of the above readings, please send me your details using the contact page and consultation form on my website. Specifically, I would need to know your past medical history especially physical problems, emotional pain/trauma, any psychological/mental issues that bother you. I need this information before I begin my work of timing the diseases.

Varshaphala or Yearly birthday reading

This works as a standalone reading and is suitable for new as well as returning clients. This reading will focus on what lies ahead for you in the upcoming year. I will discuss some of the areas of your life that you will focus and indicate time periods of success etc. with those ventures. This is based on the Tajika or Persian system of astrology.

Duration – 1 hr            

One year predictive reading

In this reading, I will look into your current planetary cycle for a period of 1 year from the date of the reading. This reading is based on vedic astrology principles. I will also make predictions on the various ups and downs of the year for you, your prime area of focus etc. In this reading, you will receive a list of dates of which you can look forward to events unfolding in your life. This reading is based on the current transits of the planets in the sky hence demands very high accuracy of your birth time, at least to the minute of arc.

You can combine this reading with the Varshaphala or yearly birthday reading so that you will have a complete picture of the year ahead.

Duration – 1 hr            

Specific area of life timing

In this type of reading you can ask me a specific question related to timing any one of the below areas of life:

Health, finance, siblings, short-distance travel, real estate, vehicles, education, children, diseases, relationships, business, foreign travels, career, parents, marriage and spiritual practices. The goal of the reading is to predict when that particular event will manifest. Therefore, note that the prediction I make in this reading may or may not fit in the current year window. The event may manifest several years in the future or it may not manifest at all if the chart shows that. For example: If the chart shows no scope for having a child, then no matter which time period you run or transit or year etc. there will not any changes to the prediction. Hence, the questions in this reading will be answered very objectively. If you are seeking answers as it whether the event will manifest in the year in question then the above varshaphala or one year reading is best suited for that purpose.

Duration – 30 mins     

One complete Maha dasa (Planetary main period) reading

This is yet another aspect of Jyothish that is very unique in the sense that from the time of birth of the native depending on where the moon’s nakshatra (the constellation the moon is placed in at the time of birth) is in the horoscope a certain planetary cycle begins. All the prarabdha karmas (collection of past karmas) that the native is born on this planet to experience will unfold in accordance with this planetary cycle. This method of prediction will use the Vimshottari (literally translates to 120 years) dasa and the sub-periods of the planets in its main periods will also be analyzed. The 120-year period cycle will constitute many different planetary cycles. In this reading, only the upcoming dasa’s planetary period and sub-periods will be analyzed. The major highlights, the ups and downs of the main period and sub-period will be mentioned. All the yogas (fruits of the karma) in the chart pertaining to that particular planet are also analyzed. Depending on the duration you choose, in-depth analysis will be done in terms of career, wealth, health and relationships. In the end, you will also receive diet recommendations, a remedial measure of your choosing to pacify the planet’s energy so that you can derive maximum success in its time period.

Duration – 1.5 to 2 hrs           

Duration – 5 to 5.5 hrs           

Note that I will spend almost 7-10 days just studying your chart alone in the maha dasa reading. These readings are recommended for clients who are interested to know the results of long periods of time in their life. You will receive a lot of information, subtleties of the time periods, insight into the auspicious as well as challenging periods during the dasa and concrete predictions.