Muhurtha (Electional astrology)

This is one of the best remedial measures to overcome the many difficulties the planets indicate in the chart. Yet, this system of astrology is also the most complex and mind-boggling aspects of astrology, as there are plenty of parameters that fluctuate in this system. Please refer to this article below to understand this (Muhurtha parameters). In fact, as an astrologer, I rather do 4 or 5 normal readings than take up a muhurtha reading of the client. It is hard, stressful and difficult work. In fact, even the most experienced and skilled astrologers will also refrain from attempting muhurtha astrology because it can easily drive a person insane! ;-). Having said that, I love to study muhurtha, so I still over these readings.

For instance, say a person is going through a rough period of Mars transit leading to accidents or injuries etc. and is already aware of this. So if such a person would like to avert the trouble and any further damage to the body, he will be advised to begin the next important journey on an auspicious time when all planets are in harmony. There are special rules for over 150 muhurtha’s for all the major events in a person’s life like marriage, beginning to write a new book, start of important journey, start of business venture, start of mantra practice etc. This reading requires careful and methodical analysis of the planets. Many contemporary astrologers seem to just use the software and overlook other important placements in the chart, which may lead to some unforeseen trouble. I will also manually verify the Muhurtha against many other combinations in the chart before recommending it. So it is very important you explicitly state what your specific requirements are very clearly before the reading and most importantly consult me a few months in advance before the commencement of the event. This query will be answered by email, and you will receive an auspicious time to begin the event.

Example – If you are looking for an auspicious time to get married or start your business in the month of October, it is best you consult me at least several weeks in advance to get a suitable date and time for this event.

(3 months window, depending on the question)


Additional charges of 10 USD will apply if the time window increases beyond 3 months for every month.

Gemstone recommendation

Gemstones are one of the best forms of remedial measures for people who are facing health issues, emotionally vulnerable and even for those who want to improve their spiritual practice. The nine planets emit their specific rays which will reach every native on earth. Gems or crystals act as filters of this cosmic light and if carefully crafted gems are worn based on the planetary placement in the chart, they can ward off negative influences and strengthen positive vibrations. There are over hundred variety of gems and a good astrologer will be able to precisely pick the best one for the client based on their planetary positions. Further, gemstones can be worn during specific rough transits of the planets to pacify their energies.

This query will be answered via email. I will not sell you the gems, but you are expected to buy the gems from the source of your choice. I don’t like to advertise dealers for the gems, instead I recommend you to look in countries like India, Thailand and Indonesia for high quality gems. Also, there are plenty of sellers on eBay, but keep in mind to read the reviews to authenticate the sellers. It is very common in India to only recommend navaratna, (nine precious gems) but they are extremely expensive and out of reach from a layman’s perspective. Research has shown that other quasi precious crystals and gems to be equally beneficial. So in my readings I will recommend these.

The first part of this reading will be a gemstone recommendation. This is done after carefully analyzing the important placements, transits and planetary cycles of planets. Secondary to that, I will also provide you an auspicious time for first usage of the gemstone and recommend you some specific sacred mantras that you should chant regularly to energize the stones.

Astrological bach flower recommendation

Among the remedies that involve using a substance for treatment, we have a wide range – from gems, flowers to plants (seeds such as rudraksha). Amid these substances, flowers have the highest vibration, for which reason flower extract remedies as developed by Dr. Bach are very effective. Since they are of such a high vibration, they are particularly effective on inner/mental/spiritual blocks and diseases and behaviors that result from those blocks. Having trouble in life on accounts of heath, relationship and stress is one thing, but having the right attitude to face or overcome the same is another. Bach flower remedies are particularly useful for treating that “attitude” when faced with adverse situations.

The Bach flower remedies prescribed by homeopathy practitioners don’t account for the astrological birth chart. As a result, their prescriptions may not be rightly addressing the immediate concern for the person. In this reading, I will prescribe the remedies taking into account the important issues that you may have, the current transits and planetary cycles.

This remedy is highly recommended for anyone who is chronically depressed or has mood swings. Also, this remedy will help people in their spiritual journey by connecting them to their higher self.

Bear in mind that many horoscopes may require a mix of more than 5-6 Bach flower remedies. You can find the Bach flower remedies at your local homeopathy, Ayurveda or herbal medicine centers. Also, you can them on popular sites such as Amazon and eBay.

In case you can’t afford to buy 5/6 flower extracts at once, I can mix these and send them to you too (additional shipping and flower extract charges apply).