About Elisabet “Cissa” Nikollini:

“There are so many paths to choose in life, but I think we all are looking for something that is persistent … something that holds in all weather no matter what path we choose to go. For me, yoga and Ayurveda is something that really consists … that is always there … I want to be linked to any larger context than myself. Something that gives me a foundation and gives me tools to find home and the path.

Finding well-being and balance has many aspects. But I always say that you can use all the health systems but the basis must be in Ayurveda. There you can learn about yourself and what exactly you need to create balance. The uniqueness of Ayurveda is that it takes into account both body, mind and soul which gives a deeper perspective of life.

I am very grateful to be a part of such an amazing knowledge that the Vedic scriptures offer. It is now almost exactly 20 years ago I came into contact with the first Gita that has changed my life. And a bit later my first book of Ayurveda – The Yoga of Herbs.

I have been practicing bhakti yoga for 20 years with the Bhagavad Gita basis. I completed my diploma for Ayurvedic health advisor and Marma therapist in the year 2000. When I started my training my aim was to deepen my knowledge in Ayurveda more for my own sake. But as time passed I became more and more attracted to how to read the health condition through pulse reading. That one could get interesting information and how everything around us affect on so many levels. How our consciousness is affected by everything we do, but there were also guidelines on how to go about finding balance.I became a health adviser to inspire individuals for a positive change.

What fascinates me is the very events that come to one as gifts. Things that are not planned but that crop up along the way and give clues to development. These gifts are what makes life special. And the most special gift I received is exactly the Vedic wisdom and Ayurveda… which I’m more than happy to share with others.”

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