Prashna or Horary

This is a special branch of astrology that doesn’t need your time of birth, but a chart is cast at the time you ask a question. You may ask only one question per session. For example – will I get married this year? Is treated as one question. You cannot combine two sets of questions, like will I buy a car and a house this year? Such questions will lead to erroneous readings.

The chart I cast will be with respect to the time I read your email or the time you send me the email. At any moment of time, you should only ask me one question because if you combine two questions in the same email, the chart I cast will be misleading, and you may not benefit from the reading.

Taking the above into account, I recommend you contemplate for a short while when you write me the email. The best type of horary occurs when you note down the exact time when that event occurred or that thought first crossed your mind. For example – If you met a person at 18:15 on July 15th, 2015, and you want to know what are your chances of a romantic relationship with them? Then you have to let me know the exact time of that encounter, which is 18:15. I will cast a chart for that time which will give the best results.

Another occasion when Prashna works great is when you have an overwhelming urge to know an answer to a question related to a specific event. That is when you are emotionally invested in the event. For example – If you attended a job interview and don’t know the first time you got called for the interview yet after the interview you have a very high curiosity to know if you will get the job or not, then at that time it is best you contact me for this type of reading.

This reading will be done mostly by email but in special cases, if I need to, I will record an audio and send it to you. Please make sure to mention ‘Prashna reading’ in the subject field of my contact form when you email me.