Astrological analysis of Avicii’s death – another entry of a famous person to the 27 club

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In this post, I do a brief astrological analysis of Avicii’s death, a famous world class DJ. I also share some of my latest thoughts on different techniques in astrology such as avasthas, tricks in birth time rectification using the cards of truth birth card system etc. By the end of this post, the reader will have understood, why astrology is divine super sciene and an astrologer will understand the intricate details and appreciate the need for a learning many systerms of astrology and predictions. This article is also meant to open the eyes of astrologers who make generic predictions etiher using transits, placement of planets or cards of truth etc. Such dumb methods of astrology will only make people frown upon this sacred science. So, I hope by the end of reading this article such astrologers stop making generic predictions and opt an analytical and logical approach to astrology.

Please refer to this article about the details of Avicii and his life, the cause of his death etc. I don’t have his time of birth but here is the data:

Date of birth: 8 Sep 1989, Stockholm, Sweden.

Date of death: 20 April 2018, Oman, 2018

You can get the charts using the free birth chart calculator.

My initial intuitive feeling is that I think he is Gemini lagna with time at 22:02:07 (still a speculation from my side, not completely rectified). But Gemini makes sense as Saturn will be transiting the 8th house of death. But is also possible that he is a Sagittarius lagna. We shall see how I conclude on his lagna using some tricks and techniques of astrology.

Avicii’s career, his name and success in electronic music industry:

The music industry profession is clearly seen with Jupiter in cancer and also lagna lord mercury in the sign of libra with venus in the 5th house of entertainment. Moon is the karaka for music as he is the karaka for rhythm and emotion His movement in the sky is like a rhythm. Venus is the karaka for entertainment. Mercury is the karaka for skills and talents. Here Venus is his Aatmakaraka (AK) or soul planet which is perfect for entertainment industry. Electronic music is ruled by Rahu as it is new age. Here Rahu rasi aspects cancer which is the sign of the moon. A DJ is also performing artist for this we need mercury connected to Venus for acting. Here Mercury as lagna lord with conjunction to venus in the 5th house pulls it off beautifully. Moon also rules the 3rd cusp of acting and is placed in the 7th house. Then moon in the 7th gives great popularity among masses of people. This is true in his case because he has Moon’s lord Jupiter in exaltation. Venus and Mercury in the 5th house also gives writing combination to compose songs. Beautiful venus, mercury and 5th house of creativity. All these are great placements for a career of success. Jupiter in the sign of the moon is also another beautiful combination for writing and music. It it also great yoga for wealth as he is the karaka for wealth and exalted in the 2nd house of weatlh. There are also host of yogas in the chart such as Sarasvathi yoga, Bheri yoga, Kahala yoga, Parvatha yoga, Mridanga, Kalpadruma and Parijatha Yoga. Since the discussion of the post is restricted to analysing death in the chart, I will not explain all of these yogas. But I will explain one special yoga called “Mukuta Yoga” formed in his chart between Moon and Jupiter. This yoga is formed when Jupiter in the 6th or 8th from the Moon and Jupiter is in its own or exaltation rasi. The results of this yoga is that it makes a person wear a crown. This yoga presents one with a crown, or it may indicate the inheritor of some lineage. Failing that, this yoga always crowns the native with the greatest popularity or renown in their field. This yoga gives the results of its name remarkably often. As it happens he is very famous DJ and has been awarded many times for his work. This is the crown yoga in the chart coming into play. This is another important clue for his rectifying his chart. This makes one more strong point for Gemini lagna. This yoga would be absent if any other lagna placement occurs.

Besides, this he also gets Rahu in the sign of Aquarius which is the natural 11th house and he has the 10th as well as 11th cusp in that house. This gives him enormous success as well because rahu amplifies the X house and XI house gains. XI hosue is the love a person receives from public, Avicii does get this a lot , thanks to his Rahu in this placement. Rahu is also aspecting the 3rd cusp in the sign of cancer which makes him skilled in electronic music. Here it is sign of moon, so it turns out to be music.

Here is another interesting thing about his chart – His stage name is called Avicii which in Sanskrit means “deepest stage of hell”. First thing is it is foreign name. See that second house shows the name of the person and he has exalted Jupiter in the second in Cancer, a foreign sign. Rahu is also aspecting this sign who is the foreign karaka. This is the reason he choose a foreign name even if he was born in Sweden. Why did he feel that way to choose this name? For one, he must have felt that way about his life. Rahu when he aspects Jupiter can set in a level of purposelessness so much that it can make a person feel like they are living a life in Hell. Then he has a kapata yoga in the chart due to placement of mars in the 4th house. Natives with Kapata Yoga are not all that they appear to be. The 4th house is a hidden house and malefics influences to it indicate negative thoughts, emotions, feelings and actions that at first may be difficult to discern, but that with time are discovered. Oftentimes these natives hide things from themselves first, and, as a consequence, secondarily to others. If this yoga is very severe it can indicate a native who is very disturbed and who as a result commits atrocities, while the average case of this yoga simply hides minor actions that would cause embarrassment, are not socially acceptable, or that are simply not considered good conduct. Mars in this placement is middling in deceit, though they can indicate hidden violent tendencies. Mars also is the planet that is weak by his placement in the 4th house as he low directional strength or dig bala in this placement. Not only is his mars low in directional strength which means Mars was not able to steer his life,  Mars is also combust and in great enemy sign. So it is interesting that he chose a name that reflects his emotions. The interesting part is the 4th house is called Pathala in astrology which is the depths of hell and here we have a guy who picked this as his name!

As we will see by the end of this post how the same planets that give something such as success and career will also be a strike against his longevity. This is also pointing at the vastness and complexity of understanding planets and their placements in the chart.

Static promise of longevity from the yogas in the chart:

Before jumping to the conclusions on his death, we have to first study the longevity yogas and derive the static promise of longevity in the chart.

In his chart, he has dominant madhyamaus (medium longevity yogas) or short longevity yogas.


3rd or 6th lord in angle. Here Sun and Mars mutually form this yoga in the chart.

Malefics in 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 11th. Here Saturn and Rahu form this yoga in the chart. Jupiter a strong benefic is in the 2nd and exalted but there are some challenges to this position as will be seen later at the end of this post.


No benefics in angles and a planet in the 8th, lives for 30 years. He has no benefics on angles in the chart. He has only malefics in angles while Saturn is a strong malefic in the 8th as he is in the sign of capricorn, his own house. Here this is the more strong yoga because benefics on angular houses, 1,4,7,10 ensure purnaayus or complete longevity of > 70 years. On the contrary, malefics give short or medium life span as they cause threat to the body.

Malefic in angle without benefic aspect and lagna lord is weak. In his chart he has two malefics on angles which are Sun and Mars. Then he also has his lagna lord Mercury very weak in shad bala as his strength is only 57% in the chart (see the picture below).

Then finally with Gemini lagna, he gets the 12th lord venus with Mercury, lagna lord which is the strike against his longevity as well. 12th lord is the lord of losses and expenditure of energy. This takes its toll on his body as it is with mercury. Note that, these are the same planets that give him the profession and also his travels to foreing places to perform etc. At the same time,, these are the same planets that threaten his longevity.

Place of death: Oman, a foreign country. Here Jupiter who is the 7th lord, a maraka is in the 2nd house and conjunct the 3rd cusp. The 3rd cusp and 3rd house shows the circumstances and mode of death. Cancer is a foreign sign in astrology. Here Rahu who is the foreign karaka rasi aspects Cancer as well. So the death occurs in a foreign place. Was he aware of his death. Most likely he was well aware of it. This is because Jupiter is conjunct the 3rd cusp and he is exalted which means it gives them intuitive knowledge well in advance.

Figure: Shad bala strengths of Avicii’s chart

Death at Mars maturation age as seen from astrology:

Download (PDF, 94KB)

Download (PDF, 87KB)

Download (PDF, 97KB)

In astrology, Mars matures at age 27-28. If he is afflicted in the chart, then he can cause death of the person. Another point to take into account is that around age 28-29, the person experiences the first Saturn return in the chart. Rahu and Ketu would be opposing each other in transit. Avicii’s death puts him nearly in the so-called 27 club — celebrated musicians who have died at age 27 including Cobain, Hendrix, Joplin, Jim Morrison, soul singer Amy Winehouse and Rolling Stone Brian Jones.

In Avicii’s case, Mars is afflicted completely in the D1 chart on account of starvation in Virgo, his natural enemy sign. Mars debilitated in the sign of Cancer in D9 and D60. See the problems of purposelessness in life on account of Saturn to the degree opposing Jupiter in Cancer in the D1 chart. Rahu and Ketu are also placed in the 3/9 axis which can always make a person lack purpose in life. As a result they may swing to addictions. When that doesn’t work, they will attempt suicides. In his case, it manifested as addiction. Even though Jupiter is exalted and delights the moon, it causes many problems because of Saturn’s strong opposition. There is an exchange between Moon and Jupiter, given his early death, it is possible that this is at least not forming a maha yoga. That is clue for rectification. On the other hand,  given his fame, it is also possible it is forming a maha yoga. Maha yoga is between 2 ndhosue of wealth and 7th hosue of fame if Gemini is the lagna. But if Sagittarius is the lagna it will be a dainya or misery yoga between lagna lord and 8th lord. This is strike against longevity. We have to take this into account at the beginning as it is an important clue for rectification.

Saturn who is the karaka for longevity is also in the 8th sign in the D1 chart, a sign of chronic illness. Another strike against longevity is 3 planets in combustion- Mercury, venus and Mars. Mercury is tentative lagna lord at this point as we are still speculating. Venus is AK and  Mars is the all-important difficult planet also in combustion. When venus is afflicted recovery is not so easy from any illness, this is because he is the Guru of Mrita-Sanjeevani vidya who renanimation and resurrection. Venus’s affliction and afflictions to mars or Scorpio makes makes way for addiction because people make poor choices in life. Venus particularly makes way for alcohol addictions.

All planets are perfect and one planet is troubled (Mars), see how that causes the person to trip and make mistakes. His problem was alcohol addiction leading to pancreatic problems. See that mars is the planet that when afflicted cannot say “no” to the bad things of life. When Mars is afflicted the first thing that suffers is the sign scorpio because it is the natural sign of weakness. All weakness comes to the surface. Mars is important on another account for him because he rules the Deha rasi of Aries, in kalachakra dasa (not shown here). Mars also is the planet that is weak by his placement in the 4th house as he low directional stregth or dig bala in this placement. Not only is his mars low in directional strength which means Mars was not able to steer his life,  Mars is also combust and in great enemy sign.

Jupiter rules the endorcine system in the body. Afflictions to Jupiter can cause pancreatic and liver problems. Alcohol addiction first damages this part of the body. Saturn particularly rules the pancreas in the body. In his case, Jupiter is severely afflicted in the D30 chart on account of conjunction to saturn, rahu, ketu and venus in the sign of taurus. This is the reason for pancreatic problems. Also Jupiter is in the sign of virgo in the D60 chart, an enemy sign. Given that he gets his lagna lord of D1 in the sign of Capricorn in the D9, I do speculate that his pancreatic disease could have been more complex than stated in the media based on my previous article. Two years prior, Bergling (his real name) had his appendix and gallbladder removed as a result of his chronic alcoholism. Both the gall bladder and appendix are ruled by Jupiter. Appendicities happens when Jupiter is afflicted in Venus’s signs because venus is a natural enemy. He gets Jupiter in sign of Taurus in D30. Taurus is the sign of consumption and food intake, see that he gets a bombed taurus sign with many planets – Jupiter/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu and Venus. Jupiter suffers the most because he is conjunct natural enemy Venus, who is very strong as he is in own sign of Taurus and also Jupiter gets starvation of Saturn/Rahu/Ketu via conjunction. See that venus is great in this sign as he is taurus but it is his conjunction to Rahu/Ketu and Saturn that afflicts venus as well.

The interesting part is he passed away at the time of Rahu/Ketu opposition in transit (see attached picture). At this time, Avicii has the Saturn return in the 8th house where he clearly conjuncts natal saturn within 1 navamsa or 3.25 degree orb. Saturn is also retrograde in the transit chart which makes him even more stronger. Saturn’s transit in the 8th house is always a longevity transit where he exposes the weaknes of the body. Saturn is also opposing natal Jupiter in the chart who is the 12th cusp lord of leaving the body. Jupiter in transit is rasi aspecting natal Jupiter and Saturn connecting 12th cusp lord to death, so that is double transit of Saturn as well as Jupiter. Mars in transit is also crossing the 8th cusp of death. Many eclipses in this axis during the year 2017 and early Feb 2018 has surely impacted him. Rahu/Ketu opposition in transits is always a wake-up call for the rahu/ketu axis in the chart. His Rahu/Ketu axis is troubled on many accounts as explained above. Not only does he suffer a lack of purspose on account of saturn opposing Jupiter strongly, his 9th rasi placement of Rahu causes the same on second level. For a man, Ketu in the sign of Leo is a weak placement because Ketu loves to eclipse the Sun. This means the person’s true individual self is completely suppressed. On account of not being to grow out of this pathology of ketu, the person suffers. The only way to grow out of this pathology is to address the Rahu placement in a healthy manner. That is to cultivate a strong belief system. He did not manage to do that until age 28, instead took the path of addictions, which completely destroyed the body. On the other note, rahu in the X house did give him fame and success and also validation from his peers and the world (11th house). Yet, this was not enough for him because as he states himself – ” an introvert who was never comfortable with the hard-partying lifestyle of a DJ, for whom alcohol was always available and usually free. ” This is the irony of his Rahu/Ketu axis. Ketu in the sign of Leo makes a person fully comfortable in their own skin and introvert of highest order. On the other hand Rahu was pushing him towards world success. Yet, Rahu on the X and XI cusp did not give him the satisfaction of the crowd, the mass of people etc. because he was not too comfortable in his own skin! His songs such as “wake me up”, “lonely  together”,  “waiting for love”, “addicted to you” etc. are testament to his rahu/ketu axis! Here is a link to his own words, you can find connections to his Rahu/Ketu axis on many levels.

Figure: Transit analysis at the time of his death (April 20, 2018)

He passed away at the Su/Ra period. Sun is ruling ketu which means he will activate all of Ketu pathologies in the chart. For a man, Ketu in Leo can always threaten his individuality and on account of that, it will impact them psychologically as well. Sun is placed 12th from Venus who is the AK. Rahu has an 8th house agenda for death because Saturn rules Rahu. Rahu will act like Saturn. Saturn also rules the 8th cusp of death in the chart. In the D60 chart, Sun and Rahu are conjunct as well. So Sun/Rahu gives death. Besides, Sun is an important planet for the Gemini lagna people. Sun Dasa can have ramifications on their health, body and life path for the Gemini people as discussed here. It is also possible that he is a Sag lagna because that time there will be an exchange between lagna lord and 8th lord, causing a threat to longevity, Saturn will be transiting second house of (Maraka sthana) when he died, opposing the 8th. With Sag, Sun may rule the 8th cusp, giving direct agenda for death. At the same time Ketu can be conjunct the 8th cusp and 9th cusp, making way for problems with lack of purpose in life as well as seeking external forms of validation to compensate for that, alcohol being one. His fame will also make sense with Sag lagna as he will have 7th lord Mercury in the 11th with a very strong 11th lord. This is a Raja yoga for success and fame and money. In the D30, a severely afflicted taurus also shows the same issue. Time after time, I notice, venus’s sign especially Taurus plays another important role in how people evaluate their life.  With Sag another thing that makes sense is that if Leo holds the 8th cusp the eclipses in this axis and also Rahu/Ketu opposition in this house in transit, can cause death (of course longevity yogas have to be studied first to conclude on this, not always such transits will bring death). So this point about Sag as the lagna is brought up just to give the reader an idea of how complex astrology can be when looking at the same things from many different angles.

Varshaphala or Solar return analysis of death:

Download (PDF, 491KB)

Figure: Varshaphala chart for year 28.

Attached is Avicii’s 28th year solar return chart. It is very easy to see death with this chart. Saturn the lagna lord is in the 12th house. The muntha or progressed lagna in the Varshaphala chart falls in the sign of Libra which is holding the 8th cusp of death and Jupiter. It also holds Jupiter the ruler of Saturn (lagna lord) and the 12th cusp lord in this chart. The 8th cusp is the cusp of death and 12th is the cusp of leaving the body. Saturn the planet of death is directly connected to the lagna as he rules it and also to the 12th house of leaving the body and 8th cusp (through Jupiter). Saturn is very important in this chart because he is the year lord or varsha pathi.

This is still not enough as I have not coverd the details. See that the munths is Libra ruled by Venus. Venus falls in the sign of leo with rahu in the 8th house from the lagna. For Capricorn lagna, Venus is a very important planet as he is the planet that fix their life path as well as he is the yoga karaka, if he is weak in the chart, then the lagna will suffer. This can be applied to any chart. Interestingly, in leo there is also Mercury who rules the 6th house of disease. The special divison of rasis in Varshaphala called Roga Saham (disease indicator) also falls in the sign of Libra bringing another level of confluence (not shown here).

Here is another interesting thing, 3 planets are combust in the varshapala chart as well – Mercury, Mars and Venus. The same planets combust in the his natal D1 chart. The other vital observation is that the muntha in the 28th year falls in Libra which is the same sign in the natal D1 chart that holds his AK and lagna lord Mercury. This is connecting death to the soul planet and lagna lord of natal chart. The combustion of 8th lord and 6th lord in any chart whether it is varshaphala or natal etc, is never good for longevity or health of the native.

Simple conclusions of the astrological analysis:

Even without the right time of birth, it is possible to see many things line up in the chart to show death, his fame, his career, his success etc. There are many other connections through nakshatras and jaimini dasas etc. But due to lack of time, I restrict this post to simple assessment of the chart. Students of astrology can take a look at the tara tables and also Jaimini astrology techniques to arrive at same level of conclusion as above. I attach the tara tables for interested audience as well.

Figure: Tara tables

Another important point I want to make with this post is that see how many nice planets he has in the charts and great avasthas and all. But if one planet is causing a problem like that of Mars it is enough to ruin the chart. Same way see how a technique will not reveal everything, if I was going to only rely on avasthas, I would fail completely on his chart. Why do I say that? Saturn and Jupiter are neutrals to each other, they don’t influence each other in avasthas. But see what happens in his case, his saturn strongly opposes Jupiter, which is enough to pull even that beautiful exalted Jupiter down. Moon is great in the chart and so is cancer, that should keep him going. But see what happens when combust planets are in the chart. See the importance of venus and his signs. Even when moon is good in the chart, the second most important planet to study after the moon is venus. Why? Because venus is the planet that exalts the moon. See how an afflicted taurus in D30, did all the damage. This is also where he has rahu/ketu in D30.

As I have shown in predicting cancer with Jaimini techniques, it is very important to pay attention to Rahu/Ketu in the D30 chart for all purposes of disease prediction. It is also important to pay attention to the position of 6th lord of D1 chart in the D30 chart, this gives another connection to the disease.

Reasons for death as seen from Cards of truth techniques:

Figure: Cards of truth spreads

See the card spread attached in the post above. He is a 3 of diamond birth card. For his career success this is easy to see from Cards point of view because the ecliptic card of the 3 of diamond is a King of diamond which is the ultimate card of fame, financial success and business or entrepreneurship. His Mars card is great card because it is a number 7 on Mars. For 3 of diamond, this is their best card for financial abundance. The 7 of diamond is called the card of the Millioanaire. Avicii did have this level of success. The other boost for this card is that the King of diamond on the ecliptic is energizing this 7 of diamond Mars card as well. Donald trump, Ayrton Senna and many famous celebrities are 3 of diamond personalities.

For a 3 of diamond card, Mars is the most important planet for that card and sadly that is the planet that suffers the most in the chart. That is a warning sign that Mars maturation age will be tough on the life path and body. He has a great 7 of diamond Mars card. But Mars is afflicted because he is in Mercury card in the 5 of spade. Mercury is the great enemy of mars and 5 of spade on mercury is a tough card. This is one of the toughest cards for the 3 of diamond people. Unfortunately for Avicii, he also gets his lagna falling in the mercury card. The 5 of spade is the card of illness and body changing on account of lack of comforts. The “5” card is a card of Jupiter and there is divine Judgement at this position. So that is the element of fate on his health bound by Jupiter. The other tough side of the mercury card is also that the 6th cusp of disease and health issues falls in that position. Now, 5 of spade can cause a lot of problems. Even though Jupiter is exalted in the chart, Mercury who rules this card is combust and lacks shad bala. So Mercury cannot protect this card.

See the simplicity and accuracy of the cards for timing. His 28th year is a King of spade on the sun card which is the ultimate card of death. Why is this card important? Because with the Gemini lagna he has 8th cusp in the 9 of spade on Saturn position. The king of spade directly energizes the 9 of spade. The maximum energy is the 9 of spade for the king of spade. So the saturn card is activated directly. See the beauty of the cards now. The year card for the 28th year is the 3 of daimond which is his birth card. This means something got to do with his body and life path will happen in a big manner this year. Now the astrologer has to pay close attention. WHy do I say that? Because the hint is the mars maturation age. ANd he is a 3 of diamond which means, mars will be very important planet for him. Given that King of spade was on the sun, that is the other clue.

So what is the time or window of his death – April 20 th 2018. See which card is running on the Jupiter position for the 28th year – A king of spade! As simple as that for the prediction using cards. See also that Saturn who is the planet of death is in that card of the king of spade with the 7th cusp a maraka and 12th cusp of leaving the body.

That is still not enough. See that in the 7 year progression, his birth card the 3 of diamond falls in the saturn position with 7, 8th cusp in that position. This is the most important connection. This is important because Saturn is also in that card. Also note another important thing, in the king of spade card on sun position in the 7 year progression, it holds ketu, who can always complete the karmas and take the person away. This is because ketu is the number 9 planet in the king of spade (which has the highest energy in the 9).

There is another connection, the progressed birth card in the 7 year progression is the 8 of diamond, which falls on the ecliptic in the 28th year. Then in the 7 year progression, sun who rules the king of spade falls in the venus card where mars is also there. Why is venus so important here? It is important because it is his aatmakaraka (AK) card and is holding the 12th cusp. In the 7 year progression, there is also an exchange between mars and venus and it is not good because the 6th and 12th cusp are in exchange in that, a dainya yoga. 6th is the cusp of disease and 12th is the cusp of losses. Here the loss is on account of the body itself as it is holding the sun, natural AK, and it is happening in the card of Venus, his AK. Sun brings his King of spade energy to the venus card and venus is a natural killer always as he rules the natural maraka houses (2,7). Then sun in the 7 year progression spread is ruling the 2nd cusp, a marakasthana and brings this energy to mars as well. Mars card is also holding pluto. Pluto card in the 7 year progression is the 9 of clubs. This is important because 9 of clubs is his Aatmakaraka Venus card in the life spread.

In the 28th year spread, many other things are also connected. His mars card is king of hearts which is his ketu card in the life spread. As mentioned earlier, Ketu can always take the body away. Here mars card is important because it is the mars maturation age. His Saturn card in the 28th year is an ace of clubs which is his Mars card in the 7 year progression spread.

Final comments on Avicii’s birth time and astrology techniques:

At this point, few things are confirmed – he is definitely born after sunrise as the death cards line up with the 3 of diamond birth card. So we rule out the possibility of early morning birth.That is the window from 00:00 to 6:00 a.m in the morning, 6 hrs of time is just filtered out just like that using the cards. This is because if he was born before sunrise on that day, he would have a different birth card – the 4 of diamond. This means that his spreads, his fate and his longevity all of those will be different. That is the way to use the cards for birth time rectification at a broad level, it can also be used at fine level for verifying the rectified time based on the other events of life.

The second point that can be confirmed is Gemini lagna now stands out and almost can give the astrologer the confidence to use that. Why do I say that? The reason is simple, if it was not Gemini lagna, saturn would not fall in the king of spade card with the 7th and 12th cusp. Any other lagna will make the cusp changes as the varshaphala will change and also the solar return charts.

So at this point the astrologer can take confidence with Gemini lagna and if he has events from the person’s life to the day of the event, he can confirm the same and fine tune the birth time with transits.

This is just a simple illustration of both the beauty if the cards and how we can use it for rectification. Of course, it is not recommended to jump to conclusions just like that using the cards system because all 3 of diamond people will have the same cards in progressions and year spreads. That is why I refrain from generic predictions whether it is astrology or cards or anything. It would be dumb if an astrologer predicted death for all 3 of diamond people at the age of 28 without studying the chart for longevity yogas or at least studying the position of mars in the chart. This is the reason astrology is complex and also the reason it is important to learn many techniques and make an overall assessment of the chart before coming to conclusions. It is important to not bank too much on one technique or system such as avasthas , yogas etc. if it was that simple to make complete predictions using just one system then we would not have so many great Rishi’s and seers giving out so many techniques and systems.

His chart is another classic example that no amount of money, fame or success will give a purpose to life! Instead, all of this only caused more pain and suffering as it led to addictions and drugs etc.

A human being is the most complex and sophisticated of all creatures, so we have many needs and wants in life. We are not like animals. Our overall health depends on five levels – physical, emotional, mental, chemical and spiritual parts. These are the five Koshas or sheaths of the body. Even if one of those levels fail or energies in those koshas are imbalanced, the human body will collapse or cause the system to fail. This also means that we need sophisticated methods to predict their behaviors and patterns of life. Thus the many systems and overall complexity of astrology.