Predicting Cancer disease using Jaimini techniques

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Last year (2017), I was invited to submit a paper to a medical astrology conference in India. Due to the busy schedule of my professional scientific life, I was unable to attend the conference but managed to submit the paper. The organizers have not reverted back to me whether the conference did happen nor have they told me if they published the work. Normally, in the scientific platform it is not good (or allowed) to give out papers from one publication to another 🙂 But it has been almost 6 months and they have not communicated anything to me. So I assume it is okay to publish it and make it open access. To me this paper is more relevant to be open access than be published elsewhere. That way it can reach more audience and take another shape and direction of research.

So I attach a link to the paper in this post. I was actually hoping to shoot videos on it and explain more in depth. I was also hoping to be more precise and categorize the various cancer types with different planets and houses. I also wanted to use a timing based system and show how to predict the cancer using transits and many dasas. But my professional scientific research and astrology counseling is keeping me extremely busy, to the extent that I could say my mercury is performing at 200%. Due to lack of time, I decided to give this out now. I will at some point in the future follow it up with all the other details and timing of the disease with dasas.

Also I want to ask some help from other astrologers and students of astrology reading this article – if they have any cases of cancer or tumour disease with them and the dates of setting in of the disease, please directly email me. Also please feel free to check these combinations in those charts. Not only cancer disease in the native’s chart but also cancer disease of the native’s father, mother, or any family member is useful. The more the charts, the better the accuracy of results and combinations. 

My biggest interest in astrology is medical astrology and curing disease. As I progress with my studies, I hope to work more on medical cases and document with substantial case studies .

When I first presented this to my teacher Ernst Wilhelm last year, he mentioned to me that the root cause of cancer disease is emotional problems. This has proven to be 100% true in all the cases of people other than celebrities in that document. If anyone knew personal life of celebrities, maybe it would be the same. Cancer, in my opinion, is organized crime in the body. The cells are organizing in and ganging up against the body, self-destruction of highest order! What should have been life promoting ends up being life-threatening. So I would also have to make a request to collect the history of emotional life (especially challenges) of such people who have suffered cancers or tumors. 

Like all diseases, this disease definitely can be cured and stopped in its tracks even before it manifests. It is funny, I write this because my PhD topic is related early detection of cancer cells using electronic biosensors. But I think the astrological sensors are more capable of detecting this life-threatening disease at an early stage than any medical equipment. So we have to feel blessed to have access to this divine knowledge which can give even the state-of-the-art technology a run for its money.

I never ask anyone to promote my work. But I feel more than ever today we have to be aware of this disease as the number of occurrences is growing exponentially. So if you feel anyone in the astrological community is interested in this document, please feel free to share with them. At least with that, it is possible someone notices this combination in the chart and pays close attention to their emotional life, health and food habits.