Case study – Nov 13-14 2015, Paris attacks

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Attached is a chart of the paris shootings. Although, the shootings were reported at 21:16, 13 Nov 2015 (source:wikipedia), I cast it for 18.06 as a pre-event (Figure 1: Pre-shooting). It is easy to spot a sara “Arrow” yoga and if we include Ketu, a pasa “Noose” yoga too (I am aware many astrologers don’t use nodes for sankya yogas). (source: Core Yogas by Ernst Wilhelm). The yogas show the foundation of a chart. In this case the mind-set of the attackers.

“Pasa” means a noose, snare, bond, chain, or anything that binds the soul, such as the outer world. It particularly refers to the noose as an attribute of Siva or Yama, as this, Pasa Yoga has a dual nature, different works attribute different results to this yoga, some auspicious and some inauspicious. This yoga is based upon five rasis; all occult traditions vary in the meaning attributed to the number 5, some considering it as a good number and others as a bad number. Five represents the Manifested as the created world with its dual nature of good and evil, therefore, some give good results to the number 5 or Pasa Yoga and others ill results. When there are good yogas in the chart, pasa yoga gives good results while ill-effects follow when bad yogas make-up the chart.

Factors that are important are the well-being of the Atmakaraka (AK), Sun, and Moon and any other good yogas. In this chart AK sun is in Scorpio which is the sign of karmic balance and debt. Mercury who rules rahu is conjunct the sun, so Rahu gets tagged to the sun. Moon, the other important planet is with Saturn and a few hours ago was in exact conjunction to saturn. Moon-Saturn conjunctions are the worse of all conjunctions in astrology as it creates imbalances in one’s mind, people tend to suffer from fear and lack the ability to see the positive things in the world. Saturn separates the mind (moon) from seeing GOD in everything.

Whenever there is a Pasa Yoga, the fifth planet, Jupiter, becomes an important factor. If Jupiter is well disposed, both in the rasi and navamsa, the chart will be protected by Jupiter’s grace. Whereas if Jupiter is poorly disposed the chart will indicate difficult and painful circumstances due to a lack of the protective merit that is indicated by Jupiter. In the rasi chart, Jupiter is under the influence of two great malefics. Saturn rasi aspects Jupiter from Sagittarius while Rahu is conjunct Jupiter in Virgo. In the D9 navamsa chart, Rahu also rasi aspects Jupiter. So does ketu in both cases. Whenever Rahu and ketu are involved in the picture, fated events transpire in the world. In the D1 and D9 chart, Jupiter is in his natural enemy sign (Gemini and Virgo, ruled by Mercury) where he is starved. In the D9 chart, Mercury the ruler of the ascendant in the rasi (D1 chart) is in Sagittarius. He is an important planet. Yet Mercury being combust in the D1 chart has no benefic rays bailing out Jupiter. Mercury himself is in the 6th house of wicked actions, enemies, weapons, accidents and injuries. In conclusion, Jupiter is under more malefic than benefic influences in both charts and the pasa yoga of Jupiter manifests in a cruel manner. Pasa literally is the chains Yama, the elder brother of Saturn, the god of death, brings with him to take the native away from this world, it has a heavy death influence in a chart.

The Sara “Arrow” yoga is formed whenever we get all planets in all 4 houses commencing from the 4th house in any chart. The classics state that “One born in Sara Yoga is mischievous, violent, murderous, cruel, indulges in torture and mean handy-works, and is equal to a mad person. One is a prison master, maker of bow and arrows, earns through animals, catches hold of thieves, lives in forests to hunt, eats meat, and never gets any happiness right from birth.”

Sara yoga translated to the life of a native in modern terminology is as follows – “Sara” is a type of reed that is used for arrows in addition to meaning arrows used for the purpose of hurting; it also means mischief, injury or hurt. Natives with Sara Yoga are emotionally very empty and more prone to emotional unbalance and insanity. There is generally a lot of emphasis placed on their needs being met externally, and less capacity for true self-fulfillment. Often they can be hurtful or selfish as they attempt to fulfill their needs, although a benefic in the 7th will make them refrain from actually hurting others and make them more graceful and sensitive.

When we address events manifesting on the collective consciousness like in this case that of a group of people or a country for that matter, the above yoga has to be adapted to the situation. This shows the intent of the attackers and what they desired to achieve with the attack or their consciousness. Note that, a benefic in the 7th generally refrains and prevents the native from taking bad actions. But in this chart, there was no benefic, instead a great malefic saturn resides in the 7th house.


Figure 1: Pre-shooting

At the hour of the shooting, cancer lagna was rising with moon in the 6th conjunct 8th lord saturn (Figure 2 : Hour of shooting). No surprises there, Mercury is combust, mars is in close conjunction to rahu; moon is conjoing Saturn. Mars represents violence especially when he is conjunct rahu and linked to 6th house. In this chart the conjunction is so tight, it is almost to an exact degree. Then the other interesting point is the conjunctions takes place at the sandhi, the edge or border between two signs which is said to bring about malefic effects. Moon was in Jyesta nakshatra whose purpose is to attack while the contrary is to defend that is what the cops were doing. Jyesta is a protective nakshatra who does the attack to defend what they stand for. It is worth to note that Moon and Saturn are in Sagittarius which according to the details of the places shows war zones and battlefields. Unfortunately, the city seemed like one after the attacks. In this chart, Moon, the ascendant lord is conjunct Saturn, the planet of death and ruler of 8th cusp/rasi in the 6th house of violence, attacks and injuries.This is further bolstered by the fact that Saturn is the Gnathi karaka (GK) in the chart. The GK is the planet with sixth lowest degrees in the chart and can bring about death, disease , accidents and injuries.  Jyesta is a sharp ugra (ferocious) nakshatra which energizes people and gives them the courage to do things. Mars is in hastha nakshatra ruled by Moon, while Moon himself is in Sagittarius, so there is a link to these two planets. There is also a kapata “deceit” yoga with Mars in the 4th. All this occurred at the edge of Virgo-Libra sign. But still mars was in Libra which is said to rule social places and cities. The attack occurred at concert place and coffee shops in a big city.

Using Jaimini pada technique, the pada of libra holding mars, planet of violence falls on the ascendant in cancer. Then the pada of aquarius which holds the 8th cusp falls in libra. Linking Mars’s violence to death.


Figure 2: Hour of shooting

It is always important to read the D60 chart as that is what shows the finest of all details. Figure 3 shows the rectified D60 chart for the hour of shooting. I have knocked off  40 seconds to fit the events to the picture. In this chart everything becomes very clear and straight forward. First thing to notice is moon who is in jyesta is on the ascendant. Moon in this chart rules the 12th cusp of hospitals and loss of an organ, loss of citizens with respect to a country, a dusthana (malefic house in astrology). 12th house is also the house of secret operations and surprise attacks. Sun rules rahu and the 8th cusp is in the 12th sign from the ascendant. Same theme continues but this time, the theme of death (8th cusp) is added to 12th of loses and separation. The most important of all is the saturn-mars conjunction in the chart which is the other combination apart from mars-rahu combination for violence. Saturn and Rahu when they afflict mars cause painful experiences, saturn does it in a sudden volcanic outburst manner. This conjunction takes place in scorpio which is the 8th sign of the natural zodiac that of karma and death. In this chart the conjunction occurs in the sixth house of enemies, weapons and attacks. Note saturn also rules the 6th cusp in the chart and is the 8th rasi lord of death. Mars is in the 6th sign and rules the lord of rahu, 8th and 12th cusp (Sun).

The ascendant (lagna) lord is in Sagittarius again while it is also the 7th house of social and public places in this chart. Using Jaimini principles further confirms the incident. The pada of Leo falls in scorpio which holds saturn and mars. The pada of Sagittarius (ascendant lord) and pada of Scorpio falls in Leo which holds rahu and the 8th cusp, there is an interchange of pada’s taking place and connecting three malefics saturn, rahu and mars to death and violence. { It is important to look at scorpio since it holds saturn (GK),6th rasi lord (Mars), 8th rasi lord (Saturn) ). This is a very important concept to note in the D60 chart. Furthermore, the 12th cusp pada of cancer falls in Taurus connecting 12th cusp to 12th sign and 8th cusp-rahu’s lord Sun. The pada of sun (8th lord of death in this chart) which is in the rasi of Taurus falls in the rasi of Capricorn that holds the 6th cusp again connecting 8th house to 6th house (death by violence).

But there is also benefic influence of Jupiter on rahu by his rasi aspect from libra and also libra pada falling in the same sign as Leo. This explains that grace of Jupiter didn’t take many lives and still offered protection. If Jupiter wouldn’t have been present in the scenario, one could expect the death toll to rise.


Figure 3: D60 chart for the hour of shooting

The real question to be answered is could this event be avoided? Sadly the answer is a No! Whenever Rahu/Ketu brings forth events to the world, those events cannot be avoided but we human beings have to bite the bullet and hang in there! Prayers to the lost souls.


Hari OM!