Can you be a great astrologer? – Importance of all planets for an astrologer

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In this post, I discuss the importance of all planets for an astrologer. There is a lot confusion out there that only one planet is the most important for any profession. But in this post I make an attempt to rule out such a possibility and explain my reasons below taking into account an astrology profession. There are also confusions that one planet rules one branch of astrology such as ketu rules Jaimini astrology, Venus rules Bhrigu nadi Jyothish and so on. But I want to eradicate that confusion in the reader and state that all astrology and the occult is ruled only by Ketu.

Before we begin you might want to check out this video where I discuss the combinations for an astrologer:

All planets are important in all careers. It is just that one planet stands out and gives that career. All planets are active in everyday part of life as the five elements are connected to one another. I know there is a tendency in astrologers to pick one planet and make it seem like it is the end all. In the medical astrology, one will see how all planets are connected to each organ and system. So if one planet is malfunctioning in an organ or system, then the entire system fails. Same for careers. Astrology is nothing but a profession. Bear in mind there are spectrum of astrologers. There are astrologers who teach only, then there are astrologers who write books only, then there are ones who counsel not predict, then there are ones who predict and not counsel. You will also find astrologers who do all of those including research on astrology. Here is my attempt to analyze each and every planet for an astrologer:

Sun is the consistency an astrologer brings to work. Sun is also the alternate name for the profession itself. “Jyothisa” is an alternate name of the Sun. It is the science of light. An astrologer is like a guiding light for the society and his clients. If the astrologer has to come up with something pioneering in the field, then it is the realm of the Sun.

The moon is intuition. The quality of the moon is his all knowing nature. Intuition is nothing but the fact that “I know”. It is the ability to understand something instinctively without any reasoning associated with it. Moon’s nature is he knows something of a higher order exists and he is in sync with that energy. It is also the way woman think. They most often, let their feelings and emotions make the choices for them. If the Moon is well situated, it would be a good choice. Moon in the tarot system rules intuition too. People who have strong Moon can connect to the material and surroundings more readily. If an astrologer has to write books he has to have a writing combination which the moon can give.

Mars is the rational, analytical and logical thinking of the astrologer. Logic is not same as analysis or investigation. It is part of the investigation process. Logic is ruling out an option based on a set of rules or arguments or reasoning. The key word is argument. Mars is very good at opposing and being argumentative. Mars’s main source of strength is his ability to divide and conquer. He breaks down the main problem into tiny pieces and handles one at a time. The confusion arises because arguments or logical reasoning leads to debate or exchange of words. This may happen in our own brains when we are arguing why one dasa can give better results compared to another for the client. Or it can happen in real life with people too. That debate and back and forth communication is a mercurial thing, that is not Mars. Mars is the third planet. When there is only one (Sun), then there is nothing to worry about. The moment the two arrives (Moon), competition arises which is the three (Mars). Same way when investigating there will be competing thoughts and results. The best example I could think of is the plot of the movie “Murder on the Orient express”. Spoilers ahead: When investigating that plot, the detective Poirot faces a lot of hurdles. In the end, it will seem like each one of the characters was a suspect. The way the detective handles the case is he takes one suspect at a time. He has still not forgotten the main problem which is to solve the crime, that is well within sight. A good Mars is focused on the problem but he breaks down and handles it one at a time. The end of the movie turns out to be very bizarre as all of the suspects were involved in the killing. That complete analysis of arriving at the final conclusion is Mercury. Mercury is piecing things together and arriving at the conclusion. In fact Poirot is a great example in the movie. He arrives at two conclusions. He doesn’t decide which one to choose. He leaves the choice to another character (Bianci). That is Mercury operating at the finest! Yet Mercury can’t do that alone, he needs Mars in that process. There is a lot of confusion because Mars is planet number 3 and Mercury follows with planet number 4. At the stage of 4 one is are still using the the previous numbers 1-3. The 3, is the most recent number to the four, so it is very strongly connected. Mars when he is debilitated in the moon’s sign, his logic or reasoning is skewed by emotions. There is no denying that Mars is part of the intuition process too. But he is more an instinct like a basic one or the fight response of the primitive brain. An astrologer is basically solving problems too. It is more like puzzles. If you have an astrologer who is more methodical and step by step, then it is the realm of Mars. Mars’s thoughts and reasoning are wired in a certain way, there is no changing that.

Mercury is the wit, investigative or experimental ability of the astrologer. An analysis is the detailed examination of something based on knowledge, understanding, and skills. Mercury is the talent and the skills of a person. If a person is not skilled enough to apply that knowledge then it is not worthy of anything. Mercury is the ability to “collect” information. At the mercury stage you are still left with a lot of information. It is more like a surveillance camera. It just captures and records everything that is happening. That is why he rules the skin. The skin is constantly absorbing all the information and energy and resources from the environment. Maybe an astrologer knows a lot but all that is useless if he can’t communicate or express it. Mercury is very important in the world for everything. We can’t underestimate him one bit. Mercury rules communication and language. Language is the foundation of our civilization and it is the only thing that distinguishes us from other animals and other species. Mercury is the intellect and also communication planet. I think it was Stephen Fry who said – ” A true thing, poorly expressed is a Lie”. Language is what expresses what we think. There is no weight to pure intelligence (Sun), imagination, thought (Moon) and logic (Mars) without expression (Mercury). A person can have an amazing idea, so great that it will change the course of many things. But that idea or understanding is useless if he can’t express it. Similarly, an astrologer has maybe made the best analysis of the chart but if he can’t communicate that to the client, then it is also useless. One of the biggest qualities of Mercury is he can look at anything from a different perspective. Mercury can put himself in the position of the person committing the crime, that is what makes him the best detective. In order to catch a criminal, you have to think like one. You need Mercury strong to make speculations and predictions. Lastly, Mercury can also make one an inferior writer, not as great as Moon-Jupiter or Moon-Venus.  If an astrologer wants to research which most of us do, then he has to have a strong Mercury.

Jupiter is the intuition operating at the peak with assistance from great judgment. Jupiter is exalted in the 4th house of psychology and also in Moon’s sign. So he takes Moon’s intuitive level to the maximum. Jupiter is wisdom which is the key to counseling. Mercury’s number 4 governs Jupiter’s number 5. One maybe wise and knowledgeable (Jupiter) but he also should be able to communicate that to the client in a clear way which is Mercury. Jupiter also rules the natural 9th house of counseling too. He is also one of the planets that can give the best writing combination for an astrologer who writes books or articles. When Jupiter is strong, there is no confusion any longer. The confusion that Mercury can suffer at stage 4 is removed at stage 5 of Jupiter. This is because Jupiter knows the distinction between right vs wrong.

Venus is the psychic ability. Psychic ability is nothing but that which is not governed by any natural laws. Venus rules art and poetry. A poet or an artist is basically describing and connecting to nature or the environment in ways other “normal” people cannot connect. Moon is also a big player in this. Moon and Venus are planets of emotional well being. See also that Moon is exalted in Venus’s sign. When they are in good state, a person can make a connection to nature, art and environment in extraordinary ways. Moon-Venus can also give second best writing combination. Moon and Venus individually can also give teaching combination too. You will see a lot of astrologers who write as well teach.

Saturn is Kala, Time itself. Jyothish is the study of Time. Saturn also shows the hard work that is needed when we are doing any task. It can be like working on completing an astrology book or spending your time to guide someone else. A good Saturn knows the value of time and is aware of his mortality. He rather invests time in something that is productive and benefit of self and society than waste it on non-productive activities of life. An astrologer is also spending his time with the client and he is working hard to learn new things etc. Also as an astrologer ages, he cultivates dispassion and detachment from astrology which is in the realm of saturn. On reading many charts and seeing that no amount of free will exists and everything is only fated, only leads to detachment from the ego and body. So his role is seen there too.

Rahu is not connected to astrology in any way directly. But he is the technology that is needed to do good precise mathematical astrology. He is the software that we use. He is the advancement in technology like youtube or the internet where we can share, promote and discuss. Rahu’s number 8 governs the number 4. So to deal with Rahu issues and to maximize Rahu in the correct way, we need all good qualities of Mercury. The quality of Mercury is to experiment, on the other hand discuss and test things and look for options. Rahu can create confusions due to his darkness. A poor Mercury also suffers from indecisiveness. But a good Mercury’s experimental nature will assist in overcoming confusions. It can be in astrology field or life in general. I am also aware some astrologers think that Rahu gives psychic ability. There is logic to that too. Rahu is the head of the serpent while Ketu is the tail of the serpent without the head. Rahu’s head houses the eyes and can make a person have premonition and visions of the future. The problem is there is no follow through or explanation to that. It is because the head is disconnected to the body. Think of it like consuming some food. If the body below is absent, it just drops on the ground. All rahu experiences are like that, there is just no follow through, on the other hand, is the serpent with no head. He can have an understanding but that understanding is not arising from the head and there is no logic to it. It is arising from some other underlying knowledge. It is one the reasons Ketu can show intuition as there is no basis to that understanding. I don’t approve this logic but just wanted to state it so you get the idea.

Ketu is the incarnation of Lord Maha Ganapathi who is the deity of astrology. In the weapons chapter, Maharishi Jaimini gives Ketu to rule time devices. Ketu’s number 9 governs number 7 of saturn. So he is connected to time in that way too. Ketu is the planet that gives the astrology career or combination. Ketu rules astronomy and mathematics. He rules all metaphysics. Astrology is an esoteric metaphysical science. It is a combination of astronomy and mathematics. Ketu is well known to give the results of Mars. There is simple understanding in that. Mars is the natural 8th lord of

Further, Ketu is well known to give the results of Mars. There is simple understanding in that. Mars is the natural 8th lord of occult. Then ketu is the planet of occult and astrology. Lord Maha Ganapathi who is the incarnation of Ketu, his first letter is “Ga” which is syallable related to Mars. The favorite color of Maha Ganapathi is also Red which is the color of Mars. Maha Ganapathi is called Vigneshwara or God of obstacles. Mars is the planet that creates obstacles. The other planet that can create obstacles is Jupiter. The most prominet days to worship Lord Maha Ganapathi are Tuesday and Thursday. As he also related to Jupiter and known as God Knowledge and learning he gets connected to Thursday. Mars is number 3 while Jupiter is number 5 (which is 3 from the 3). The energy of Jupiter is such that he can either create a block or bless you with his grace to avert a problem. When Jupiter or Lord Maha Ganapathi creates an obstacle, it is also for the best of the native as he directs them towards their “true” destiny. On the other hand when he creates an aversion or luck then it is based on the karmic merit of the native. In either case, Lord Maha Ganapathi is the detiy to worship to avoid obstacles (Mars) and to create luck (Jupiter). An astrologer is basically a counsellor who is doing the same thing as Jupiter. The entire purpose of counseling is nothing but giving sound advice in order to avoid the many troubles seen in the clients chart. If the client has good Jupiter they will listen to it and avert the problem.

Now to the next point which is about ketu – We all know that Ketu is where we are comfortable with and have a strong hold. When are we comfortable with some karma? when we do that repeatedly over and over and take the “Action” (mars) towards it. So all these astrologers who have this insane level of intuition, they have that because they have worked on astrology for a long time in past lives. Or in simple words they have taken the action towards it a lot. In this lifetime they are reaping the benefits of those actions in terms of their quick intuition assisting them. You will not only find such people in astrology but also other fields where there are child prodigy with insane skills.

If the astrology career or profession is seen, then many other planets and combinations can add flavors to that. But mind you an astrologer is using all his planets every time and every day just like other people in other professions.

It is worth noting that in vedic astrology, the greatness and fame comes on account of yogas in the chart. For example, if the astrologer has a great 7th lord he will be well known. If he has a great 11th lord , he will be loved by the public. If he has strong 3rd and 11th lords and either is connected to sun he can even win titles, medals etc. At the same time, just because someone is famous it doesn’t mean that they have great skills and talents. Sometimes people are quite lucky too which is also part of their fate. To check skills one will have to study the intelligence yogas in the chart and examine the lagna, lagna lord, the 3rd house, the 3rd lord, 5th house, 5th lord, 6th house and 6th lord. If the aatmakaraka (AK) is connected to these house it has double emphasis. All planets are intelligent and have their virtues but when it comes to intellectual dexterity it is Mercury which is most important. For logical and analytical reasoning it is Mars. For memorizing and remembering a lot of sutras and yogas, it is the moon and Jupiter.

So what combination in the chart can show a great astrologer? For this purpose one has to examine Ketu’s position and the quality of Ketu’s lord.  Rahu and Ketu don’t rule signs and are shadow or chaya grahas in astrology. They give the results of their house lords. So if the lord of ketu is greatly situated and rasi aspecting the house it will make way for a great skillset. I have noted that Ketu particularly in Virgo has great ability to do that. Ketu in virgo gets stuck in the great level of details which makes way for fine artists, scientists and astrologers (because astrology is also predicting details). In my opinion, A good astrologer will predict the event but a great astrologer will predict the details surrounding that event. Ketu in virgo is a great position for many things because Ketu will behave like Mercury and Mercury is exalted (EX) in that sign. It is a very special position for either Ketu or Rahu to be in because mercury is the only planet EX in his own sign. But it also has its downsides like over-emphasizing on one’s actions, intelligence, and skills. Over thinking, over analyzing, skin diseases are all in the realm of ketu in virgo.

Ketu in Scorpio can also make someone very good in astrology as scorpio is the natural 8th house. This position more often will make them a “natural” when it comes to occult. Also during the ketu dasa when Ketu is in Scorpio or the 8th house most often you will see people start learning astrology or other occult sciences.

Then the combination that can make someone a great occultist, in general, is if strong planets such as exalted or mulatrikona or own house planets are in the 8th house or if the 8th lord is exalted. Or if the 8th house or lord is influenced by other strong planets (Sun-Ketu) either conjunction or rasi aspect.  But this also has its downsides as it can cause issues with longevity or there will always be an element of one weakness or another in the chart. A planet in the 8th house can cause more problem but having the 8th lord in strong dignity is never an issue (unless other planets damage it by conjunction). A planet in the 8th house is always going to be a liability in the long run.

Then the other combinations that can add some more flavour for great skill or talent for an astrologer is if the 12th lord is exalted or in own house or mulatrikona. If it is connected to the 8th house it is even better. If that planet is mercury or the AK or lagna lord then it is three times better. The reason is 12th is the house of contemplation and research. 8th is the house of past and digging information. 8th is the house of occult. So if the 12th and 8th houses are connected then it will give the astrologer great ability to do research. Not only that but it will also give the astrologer great predictive abilities because it is mercury that is the planet of speculation. There are many ways this can happen in the chart and if the 8th and 12th lord are connected to mercury’s nakshatras too, it can do it. Even the 12th house has its downsides such as loses or expenses in the form of energy or time or resources (money).

As a final note, if any of the planets mentioned above (Sun-Ketu) is well dignified in the chart, then that will also be a great source of strength for the astrologer. The astrologer will rely heavily on that planet for his predictions and analysis.