Rectification of a birth chart

This is a very involved technique and is sort of reverse engineering to arrive at the right time of birth when time of birth is unknown.

Why is having the right birth time important?

If you refer to the below articles about various parameters that complicate astrology you will understand and appreciate the importance of having the birth time exact to the second. An accurate birth time leads to accurate predictions. In other words, if the birth time is off by even a few minutes then still there is a huge probability for error.

Parameters that complicate astrology

Parameters that complicate astrology – 2

Parameters that complicate astrology – 3

Parameters that complicate astrology – 4

What information I need from you?

In order to arrive at the right time of birth, I will need many important past events of your life to the exact date (refer to this link for more information on this topic – consultation form). In addition a picture of you would be very useful too.

I offer many tiers of rectification. The amount of fees I charge is based on the amount of hours it takes me to correct the chart and the rectification window.

Rectification when time of birth is within 4-6 hour window:

At my current skill set, the best chart I have rectified is when the birth time was somewhere within the 6 hour window. Needless to mention, this takes enormous effort and hence more fees.

Cost – 275 USD

Rectification when the time of birth is within 1-3 hour window:

This is the second tier of the rectification reading and nonetheless involves almost same amount of work.

Cost – 180 USD

Rectification when the time of birth is within 30 min- 1 hour window:

This is the third tier of the rectification reading and does involve considerable amount of work. In special tricky cases it is exhaustive.

Cost – 150 USD

Rectification when the time of birth is within 10-30 mins:

This is the fourth tier of the rectification. Since the window is within 30 mins it is relatively less work compared to the other tiers.

Cost – 108 USD

Rectification when the time of birth is within 5-minute window:

This is the fifth tier in this type of reading. Ideally the birth time needs to accurate to the minute of arc at least. In my experience, even in such cases I have noted that it is never accurate to the second of arc but nevertheless tolerable for prediction purposes. If the birth time deviates above the 1min window, then predictions start to fall apart. This tier is suitable for people who think their birth time is within the 2-5 min window frame and also for those who seek finer rectification to the second of arc. In such cases it is easy to rectify the birth time to the second (provided you have many events) and very useful for predicting events accurate to the day.

Cost – 54 USD 

What will you receive?

At the end of this reading you will get a rectified time of birth based on the events that have occurred in your life. In the particular cases of tier 1-4, since window of time is huge, the error bar is still pretty high. In such cases, I also offer finer rectification in real time. That is once you have received you rectified time of birth, many major events will occur as you go on with your life, so if you manage to keep track of them and notify me on timely basis I will use them for even finer rectification with no extra fees. This offer is not available for the fifth tier.