Relationship capacity and compatibility reading

As of 2013, the number of divorce cases in the USA has spiked and 53% of the marriages lead to separation. Even in a relatively scarcely populated country like Sweden the numbers have been over 25,100 divorces, which is the highest figure since 1975. That is about 47% of the marriages leading to separation. So can Jyothish help in this respect to minimize the damage? The answer is Yes.

Relationships of any sort will always involve three entities. An individual’s capacity for a relationship can be seen from his/her birth chart. With that we can analyze whether you as an individual have a good foundation for a relationship. Following this, the relationship capacity of the girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse will also be analyzed on the same lines using their respective birth chart. Then both charts will be laid on top of each other and the relationship compatibility will be performed. This type of reading is very exclusive to Jyothish shastra.

Male relationship capacity reading:

Duration – 20 mins  Cost – 27 USD        

Female relationship capacity reading:

Duration – 20 mins  Cost – 27 USD        

In case of both male and female relationship capacity readings you will only receive your individual chart analysis with respect your relationship strengths and weaknesses. A remedial will also be prescribed in the end to strengthen your capacity for a relationship.

Complete compatibility reading:

You will receive a reading of your individual capacity, the other person’s capacity for a relationship and then a sophisticated complete compatibility analysis.

Duration – 1 hr  Cost – 108 USD             

Relationship Karma and Synastry reading:

This is an add-on to the relationship capacity and compatibility reading. Traditionally only the Moon’s of the couple are matched for the compatibility but in my opinion it is also important to do the compatibility of the other planets to get the complete picture. In this reading the other 6 planets will also be analyzed along with the compatibility of the deities of higher divisional charts. In addition the influence of karma between the natives will be analyzed too.

Sometimes two individuals may have the best compatibility and capacity but past life karmic imbalances will be blocking their love life. Even the couples with best compatibility will eventually break-up and travel different roads if this is the case. In such scenarios it is good to know what may have potentially caused this hardship so that some remedies can be done to complete those karmas and move on with their present lives. In my experience having good individual capacity and compatibility is just 75% of the puzzle; the karma analysis is highly recommended to complete the remaining 25% analysis of the puzzle.

Duration – 30 to 45 mins  Cost – 60 USD

Business partnerships capacity and compatibility reading

This type of reading is suitable for individuals who have plans of starting a business partnership with another individual. This type of reading will focus on three aspects. Firstly an analysis will be done to study each individual’s capacity for business separately. Following which their compatibility for like mindedness and business will be done combining both charts. Finally, a higher divisional chart analysis will be carried out to reveal finer details of the partnership.

Duration – 1 hr  Cost – 108 USD             

When do I advise people to get a compatibility reading?

Compatibility is best done when two people have started seeing each other or both of them have a liking for each other and want to take it to the next step of marriage. Compatibility reading shows the energies that the couples bring into the relationship and even the potential pitfalls in the relationship.

If you have trouble finding love then I recommend you to get one of my other Male/Female relationship capacity reading along with foundation readings or character reading in which I will indicate some of the problems (if any) in your chart that is stopping you from having a decent relationship.

How can this be useful when you both already know that you are compatible?

During the first six months of any relationship (also known as the honeymoon period) even if all hell breaks loose everything around the couple’s life will always look beautiful, that is just the nature of that initial phase when all the reward and pleasure seeking hormones in the brain are high. It is only when they live together for sometime that they realize each others strengths, weaknesses, insecurities and begin to have second thoughts about the relationship. With Jyothish, we can know in advance when will there be some difficult time periods in the relationship, what sort of behavioral patterns of the native is obstructing the free flow of love and affection in the relationship. With such a knowledge and some remedial measures, not only will there be restoration of happiness between both parties, but the couple can then work towards avoiding disasters such as divorce or break-up and instead learn to accept the fact that it is just a difficult time period.