Predicting your spouse’s lagna (Ascendant) using Jaimini astrology & Cards of truth techniques

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Rules for predicting the lagna rasi and birth card of your spouse:


1) Check the 7th from lagna, Sun, AK (Aatmakaraka), Moon in D1, D7, D9. All these rasis have chance of being the lagna rasi or the rulers of these rasi’s have a chance of being the lagna lord.

2) Then check which dasa/bhukti a person is running. So if their natal sun is active as the dasa lord, then the 7th from Sun’s rasi can be the lagna of the spouse. Same applies for other planets.

3) Use Daarakaraka (DK) and 7th from DK to read the details in the same vargas.

4) Some people even use nakshatras and predict the names or the starting letter of the spouse. But I have not found this to work that great.

5) Use both DK and 7th rasi. So check if 7th house factors match lagna factors of spouse.

6) Then check if DK relates to AK of spouse. Use DK, AK and venus or Jupiter (wife or husband) and sun in this comparison.

7) Use Padas as well. Pada of AK, DK, lagna and 7th house are important.

8) Predict the lagna as these above signs or with lord of that sign or ruled by the lord.

9) In the birth card system, same rules apply. But sometimes the birth cards of same suit will have affinity to attract each other. Other times same birth cards will attract each other.

10) In some cases, the previous card of one person’s birth card will match with the birth card.

11) Then the 7-year progression birth card can act like secondary birth card, so pay attention to that.

12) The year card of the person and venus or Jupiter card or DK card can always bring that type of person into one’s life.

13) Pay attention to underlying and overlying cards of the birth card, Venus (for man) and Jupiter (for woman) and DK and AK cards for the person as well.

14) In the card systems, The Sun for a man and Moon for a woman can mutually create affinity as well.

15) The 7th cusp card, the ruler of the 7th cusp card are also important in the birth card system. Same way check the D7 and D9 charts in the birth card systems to confirm the cusps.

16) If the ecliptic card of a particular birth card falls on either the Venus (for a man) or Jupiter (for a woman), then that birth card can be the birth card of your spouse. For example: In the case of a Queen of clubs birth card, their ecliptic card is a 9 of spade, this means that if the person in this example is a man, then his wife can have a 9 of spade venus card. The 9 of spade venus card occurs for the ace of spade birth card. This gives a natural affinity for the queen of clubs man to attract the ace of spade woman (Although their birth cards are incompatible because they are opposite polarity)

Thus the ecliptic card of every birth card is very important and one has to pay close attention to that.


Supplementary information:

The Padas:

The pada is the foot of a rasi. It is a Jaimini sutra calculation. In the Jaimini sutra -1 course, Ernst Wilhelm teaches the calculation of the padas.


Bhava Lord in Pada in
1st or 7th 10th
4th or 10th 4th
2nd or 8th 3rd
3rd or 9th 5th
5th or 11th 9th
6th or 12th 11th