Policies to note and final thoughts


  • I am very busy during the day with my professional scientific research and astrology is a secondary profession. While I’m making my best efforts to respond to all messages in a timely fashion, I’ll be slower than usual during few weeks when my professional work gets remarkably overwhelming. I will put you on the queue and will get to it eventually. I hope you can be patient when this happens.


  • During a relaxed week, I can handle two charts at best. If I find your case in need of urgent help like severe medical issues I will do my best to accommodate you as early as possible. Otherwise it can take a few days to even few weeks from the date I pick up your case based on the queue number.


  • My techniques are both astronomically and mathematically precise. With that I combine both scientific and spiritual sides. It drains a lot of my energy to focus on your chart and reveal the details. I do my best! Make sure you are serious about the session as it involves huge amount of work a week before the session and also during the session. Once the reading is done, there will be no refunds of the payment. Please keep this in mind before you schedule a session.


  • Please be aware that there will be no refund of money in case you have entered wrong time or date of birth or supplied me with any wrong birth details and I have completed the reading. This is because I expect the information you give me to be accurate and I will trust that information and do the reading. Once the reading is complete, please note that I have spent enough quality time on analyzing your chart.


  • Also it is very important that you are aware I use a different ayanamsa or calculation settings for casting your chart compared to traditional vedic astrologers. I expect you to use the Free birth chart calculator on my website and make sure you are happy with the chart that is calculated before scheduling a reading. In case you have disagreements with the ayanamsa or your birth chart, then I would advise you to read the articles listed on my website. Especially, if you are a person of Indian origin, it is very likely that your birth chart will look different with my calculations. Therefore it is highly recommended that you are aware of these calculations before scheduling the session. If you realize the difference in the ayanamsa after the reading has been completed, please note that there will not be any refunds as I would have spent enough quality time on analyzing your chart and making predictions.